audio tools

Clony XXL – added 2/11/2004

Clony XXL is a copyprotection detection scanner, which can show what kind of protection is used on a disc. It will provide you with the right settings for CloneCD, so you can make a working copy of the disc.

Easimp3 – added 9/29/2004

Easimp3 is a powerful mp3/video/CD player organiser. It offers many useful and unique features, including automatic tagging from filename, CDDB support, Playlist creator, XMLl Database exporting, Lyrics viewer, Mp3 Alarm clock, Mp3 DJ, and more.

Gungirl Sequencer – added 10/16/2005

Gungirl Sequencer is an easy to use Audiosequencer for Linux and MS Windows. It includes a simple Filemanager and uses Drag & Drop to arrange Audiosamples.

LongPlayer – added 1/6/2005

LongPlayer is a program that automatically fills your Winamp, XMMS or iTunes playlist. It basically replaces the randomization feature of those media players.

Visual CD – added 1/3/2004

Visual CD is a disk cataloging tool to index data CDs, floppy disks, hard drives and even folders. Once indexed, you can explore the CD catalogs, search files and folders without having the physical disk in the drive. A built-in favorites manager allows you to easily manage multiple catalogs, and a powerful search feature lets you search across multiple catalogs.

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