audio tools

MP3 Cat – added 11/4/2003

MP3 Cat is an handy database for your mp3/music files. If you have a large collection of them, this tool will help you to organize and keep them in order, group them by artist, album, genre, etc… You can also organize tracks into categories and subcategories and edit ID3 tag information. A built in web search allows you to search for related titles on international Amazon sites. Additional features include CDDB supprt, WinAmp support, HTML and text reports and more.

Loop Horse – added 6/28/2005

Loop Horse is a media manager specifically designed for organising and bulk copying files. Files can be auditioned and then cued up for copying in one go. The files can be copied from multiple locations on your hard drive, external media or in zip/rar archives. Files can be cued up and copied from any destination as long as they are present on your system. (Files on removable media must be in the drive.) The tool is useful for music producers who use loops and samples in their compositions.

WavPack – added 4/17/2005

WavPack is a completely open audio compression format providing lossless, high-quality lossy, and a unique hybrid compression mode.

AudioShell – added 4/8/2005

AudioShell is a MS Windows Explorer shell extension plugin which allows you to view and edit music file tags directly in Windows Explorer. AudioShell supports MP3 (all ID3v2 tag versions), WMA, ASF, WMV, Apple iTunes AAC (M4A and M4P), MP4, OGG, FLAC (vorbis comment tags), MPC, MP+, monkey’s audio, WAV pack, optim frog (APE and APEv2 tags). AudioShell features full Unicode support.

Tyberis Music Database – added 3/19/2005

TyMusicDB is a stand-alone program which is able to recognize thousands of different musical pieces or other audio data in real-time. The main purpose of this program is to monitor a radio station, tv channel or other (streaming) audio source for specific songs, commercials or jingles.

Media Commander – added 3/22/2005

Media Commander is a special media – files manager, that has some great ability due to his lists concept. Media Commander is a tool designed to help you to find and organize music, pictures, video or any others files, to play and show many type of files.

musiCutter – added 6/2/2005

musiCutter is mp3 and ogg vorbis lossless joiner/cutter (without need to decode and re-encode).

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