audio tools

EncSpot – added 6/2/2005

EncSpot is an application which reports useful facts about your mp3 collection. The most famous feature is its ability to guess which encoder was used to encode each file. It will also give you a general idea of the audio quality of the file.

HarddiskOgg – added 6/2/2005

HarddiskOgg takes a wave input stream from any Windows 95/98/2000/XP compatible sampling device (including microphone input and line in) and converts it to an Ogg Vorbis/Wave/Monkey’s Audio/MP3 (optional) stream. This happens in realtime, so basically it is a harddisk recorder in Ogg Vorbis.

KinTool – added 6/16/2005

KinTool is a tool that allows the sound to move in a Multiphonic sound space. KinTool is a 12 channel multimedia sequencer where “spatial events” are written. These spatial events trigger a sound mixer that will capture that sound in space.

MP3 Repair Tool – added 5/31/2005

Rescue your unreadable MP3 files! You are currently working with your MP3 files and suddenly one file does not play anymore. This sounds familiar to you? Then we may have help for you: MP3 Repair Tool. MP3 files are very sensitive. Just a single modified byte can make the whole file unreadable for several MP3 player. Thus it’s not hard that an accident or bug in a mp3 editor corrupts a file. But this doesn’t mean that the file is lost. In most cases only the beginning of the file is corrupted and audio information is still existing.

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