video players

GDIVX Player – added 12/1/2002

Basically, this is a Multimedia Player for playing, primarily, DiVX Movies, but technically almost any video format.The Global DiVX Player uses MUCH LESS CPU Resources than Windows Media Player (and other media player programs), so if DiVX Movies play skippily on your computer, or have trouble staying in sync, give this a shot. This isn’t going to work miracles, but it might help those of you who are right on the borderline, especially K6/K6-2 based machines. Also, one of the coolest looking divx and other movie format capable players with subtitles support :)

Zoom Player Standard – added 2/22/2004

Zoom Player is designed to be a simple, dynamic, and flexible method for viewing your favorite video media. The program uses two modes of operation: a Media mode, which can play standard media files, and a DVD mode, which uses DirectShow DVD filters to play DVD content. Specific DVD features include DVD navigation using any DirectShow-compatible combination of filters, color control (for supported cards), a bookmark system, and more.

XMovie – added 4/21/2003

XMovie is a reference movie player for MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP3 audio, MP2 audio, WAV, AIFF, AC3 audio, Quicktime and DVD’s on Linux boxes. XMovie is primarily used for uncompressed, high resolution playback of output from an editing program and not necessarily for low resolution, low bitrate internet downloads.

ViPlay – added 9/8/2003

ViPlay is a movie player designed to play the most popular movie types using overlaying technology for a faster and more efficient way of video playback. Features like high performance and visual quality, stability, speed, easy interface with context menu, fully skinnable, support for 59 subtitle formats, Ini files creation, multiple audio streams, custom graph building, aspect ratio, digital zoom, OSD, playlist, etc. make it the definitive movie player available on the Internet.

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