video tools

DVDx – added 12/29/2005

DVDx allows you to convert DVD to VCD2.0 or SCVD1.0 or DivX in one step (Including multiplexing, splitting). It produces good quality movies in MPEG1/2 format and you don’t need to have 5GB or more free on your hard disk. ou only need Nero to write your VCD/SVCD.

Videora iPod Converter – added 12/28/2005

Videora iPod Converter is a free video conversion application developed by the creators of Videora. It allows you to convert your regular PC video files (avi, mpeg, etc) into the proper video format that your iPod understands.

PhotoToVCD – added 12/23/2005

Photo to VCD/SVCD Creator is a program to create a VCD or SVCD from your JPG images (for example from your digital camera) in high resolution (PAL 704 * 576, NTSC 704 * 480) and from your MPEG movies. You can mix photo’s and movies within the same menu. This program will automatically create a menu on the VCD/SVCD based on the directory structure where your pictures and video’s are located. The created VCD/SVCD will play in most standalone DVD-players on the market.

FixVTS – added 12/11/2005

FixVTS is a very tiny tool that allows you to adjust your DVD files into better DVD compliance, so they can be opened in DVDShrink or vobblanker. FixVTS does a similar job as what’s called an “IFOEdit Mock Strip”, but only adjust as little information as possible in the VOB and IFO files to allow opening in other apps while keeping the DVD as similar as the original as possible.

PocketDivxEncoder – added 11/28/2005

PocketDivXEncoder allows you to encode any video clip with optimized parameters for handled devices (landscape mode, 240×320, low CPU usage, increased brightness, …). The 2 video output standards (.ogm ou .avi) are playable on the famous DivX players on your PocketPC, Smartphone or Palm!

Slide Show Movie Maker – added 11/17/2005

Slide Show Movie Maker is a free program that can create an AVI-file from a series of .bmp or .jpg images. Images can have professional-looking fade-in and fade-out effects, plus attractive text overlays. The program’s clean-looking interface is logically laid out; you should become productive within just a few minutes of running it. Keep in mind that .avi files can become quite large and take a long time to render. However, Slide Show Maker lets you choose to save output using any one of your system’s installed .avi codecs, so the file size and generation time will vary depending upon which one you choose.

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