web cam software

DESKcam – added 5/4/2006

DESKcam publishes images of your desktop to the Web. DESKcam functions as a simplified HTML server that sends screen shots directly to the Web. Its so small that the program requires no installation routine and doesnt change your Windows Registry in any way. DESKcam offers an unlimited number of uses, from tech support to desktop surveillance on the kids. Once youre on-line and DESKcams file is executed, your Web site immediately becomes live.

iCamMaster – added 5/3/2006

iCamMaster collects webcam images and allows you to view several of them at a time on your desktop. You can record webcams as QuickTime movies, and have more than 1000 webcam links ready to view.

WebcastXP – added 5/1/2006

WebcastXP is a software that allows you to stream video & sound over LAN/Internet using windows media technology. it looks a bit like a simplified webcamXP and it’s very easy to put your cam online and get the code you need for your website.

SCWebCam – added 12/21/2005

SCWebCam functions like a webcam, except it uploads your computer screen instead of using a camera and taking a picture of you looking at your computer screen. If you have a webcam, you can even integrate the video image into the capture as well! SCWebCam has automatic capture and FTP Upload with configurable timer, and can save images as JPG or PNG with variable quality, size, and thumbnail functionality. It detects screen saver, locked workstation, and logoff/shutdown, and can upload an ‘offline’ image at those times, and automatically detects modem connections, and operate only when the modem is connected. The optional preview window allows you to view a video source while still allowing SCWebCam to capture frames from it, and has extensive help documentation.

Bulent’s Screen Recorder – added 10/29/2005

Bulent’s Screen Recorder is an web cam recorder software which can records an MSN Messenger or Yahoo webcam chat. (this is a link to a page that hosts the last freeware version!)

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