accounting freeware

JCash – added 3/15/2007

JCash is a full featured, Java based money management application. It will provide all of the standard checking and expense account management functions, planning and budgeting capabilities.

Abassis Finance Manager – added 11/17/2006

Abassis is a very easy to use yet powerful system to deal with the basic aspects of personal finance management: how much one earns per month, a budget about how this person plans to spend it and budget tracking by controlling the real expenses and payments of bills.

Personal Finances Lite – added 11/10/2006

Personal Finances is easy and powerful tool to control your money flows. It will help to stop wasting and start saving your money. It has quick expense function, can run straight from a USB flash drive, create unlimited number of databases, currency exchange, and displays detailed information for any time interval.

Production Control – added 11/8/2006

Production Control will let you control any production, stock or supplier. You can define unlimited products, multiple suppliers and/or companies, control orders, stocks and raw materials, lead times and break-down hours, define suppliers, subcontractors, clients, print reports of every listing, and some more.

EasyMAcc – added 9/26/2006

EasyMAcc, “Easy Merchant Accounting” is an invoicing software that was designed to offer merchants a simple way to create a list of their products, set the prices for each, then quickly update the quantities as sales come in while the program takes care of automatically calculating all the total values.

Auction Business Manager – added 9/26/2006

The Auction Business Manager is a nice little program you can use to keep track of your online auctions, Ebay auctions in particular: who you need to ship to, who still needs to pay you, and how many times you have re-listed items that haven’t sold. Along the way, Auction Business Manager keeps track of your income and expenses, and gives you an easy to read balance sheet which you can use to compare your income and expenses every month. It will even show you how auctions are doing for the current month as well.

iPOS – added 9/27/2006

iPos is a powerful Point of Sale system delivered in Internet Explorer. Designed for Touch Screens and devices with built in browsers like Pocket-PC’s. The iPOS system can deliver great performance and information.

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