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Virtual Salesman – added 7/11/2006

The Virtual Salesman is a new generation of selling software destined to small and medium bussinesses and independant workers. It was designed to allow you to easily manage inventories and invoices, so it does not allow you to do any accounting. It allows you to easily manage inventories, employees, clients and suppliers lists. It is the best alternative to writing your invoice by hand or using Spreadsheets like Excel since it allows the automatisation of selling procedures and inventory management and, with the web module, you can use your inventories online, allowing you clients to directly have access to your most recent products and prices.

Money Manager Ex – added 6/20/2006

Money Manager Ex is a free, open-source, cross-platform, easy-to-use personal finance software. It primarily helps organize one’s finances and keeps track of where, when and how the money goes. It is also a great tool to get a bird’s eye view of your financial worth.

Declare – added 5/12/2006

Declare is the time billing solution to track your time spent on projects, as well as keeping track of any expenses that need to be invoiced to your client(s). Also if you need software to keep track of expenses you need to declare at the company you work for, than this is an ideal yet simple to use tool for the job. You and your collegeaus enter your declarations into the same shared database allowing the financially responsible person to have a quick overview of the billable hours and costs sofar.

GFP Java Personal Finance Manager – added 5/12/2006

GFP is a Java Personal Finance Manager that has budgeting features to make expenses and income predictions and finanical forecasts as charts and reports.

Forecaster – added 4/27/2006

The Forecaster program assists you to organize and manage your retirement and estate planning. You specify to the Forecaster program one or more persons whose positions are to be considered, and create one or more Forecaster plans for them. Each Forecaster plan represents a set of assets whose future performance will be simulated by the Forecaster program. By varying assumptions of parameters such as tax rates, inflation rates, rates of return, and legal arrangements such as trusts, you can use the Forecaster program to zero in on the strategies to follow for achieving the best outcomes.

Budget Master – added 3/3/2006

Budget Master is a personal budgeting program. You can use it to budget your personal finances and track your spendings. The program has graphs and reports to give you a visual representation of your budget.

SimpleLoan – added 2/11/2006

SimpleLoan is a loan comparing and tracking application that can calculate loans of various types such as home equity loans, credit cards and mortgages, and compare loans to choose the best refinancing deal. With SimpleLoan, you can Automatically calculate the best payoff strategy for your loans, mortgages and credit cards.

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