accounting freeware

Volutive – added 6/28/2005

Customize your invoice templates from top to bottom, print your invoices quickly, and e-mail copies of them in PDF or JPEG. You will also be able to send any report by e-mail in HTML or to control your points of sale with this invoicing system, useful for individuals as well as for small businesses. Volutive includes items, customers, vendors, invoices, delivery notes, quotes, purchase orders, and receipts. Both sales tax names and the way they are worked out can be customized for non-US users (special attention to Canadian taxes).

Credit Card Math – added 6/11/2005

Credit Card Math is a debt management tool that goes behind the scenes and reveals the true hidden costs associated with credit card debt. Credit Card Math will give you the knowledge you need to get yourself out of debt fast, save money and beat credit card issuers at their own game.

Handy Quote – added 6/5/2005

Handy Quote is a sales-quotation, point-of-sale (POS), inventory control, sales ordering, purchase ordering and sales management program for wholesale, retail and any businesses.

Aqurdat – added 6/5/2005

Aqurdat is a powerful business manager for keeping track of your important business information.Keep track of products, print reciepts, and print information papers.

Free Accounting – added 6/5/2005

Free Accounting Software is an intuitive, easy to use, robust , multi-user inventory business management system and accounting software solution that includes inventory, customer management, vendor management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, extensive reporting and more.

HCDA – added 6/5/2005

WolandSoft HCDA consists of an CD data storage, software package organizer and debtors control utility. Storing your CD in database you can quickly get all necessary information about your CD contents even if it not at home. Joining software from different CD to logical package provide full picture about each software parts. Controlling disk’s debtors allow to remember all loans CD and know trust level of your friends.

Ledger – added 4/3/2005

Ledger is an accounting software for small to medium-sized organizations that need a general ledger or cashbook. Because it is very easy to install and use it will also appeal to students of double-entry bookkeeping.

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