calendar software

Calendar2 – added 11/21/2005

Calendar2 is a full-screen monthly calendar with space for short daily entries, and the capability to store permanent birthdays, etc.

Calendar Program – added 6/4/2005

Calendar Program is a small but powerful calendar application which allows you to store all your information in one place. Data can be entered directly to the calendar and printed, and calculates the number of days / weeks between two dates.

MiniMinder – added 10/31/2004

MiniMinder is the slick little date reminder program which gives an attractive daily countdown to any upcoming events which you’ve chosen to track.

Task Plus – added 10/16/2003

Task Plus is an innovative calendar program which is able to maintain a busy schedule on a daily basis with little effort. Task Plus can be customized to fit your personal and work lifestyle. Equipped with both calendar sensitive (Date-Oriented) and open ended (Task-Oriented) tasks, this is the program needed to keep schedules organized and up to date.

Calendar 2000 – added 4/2/2004

Calendar 2000 is a small utility that will display a monthly calendar on the Windows desktop. The calendar is similar to the one found in most checkbooks. You can also define your own holidays and important dates, but Calendar 2000 is not a full-blown time scheduler. Instead use Calendar 2000 to quickly check the date or calculate the day on which a certain date occurs.

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