ADempiere – added 1/12/2007

ADempiere is an industry strength solution that combines ERP, CRM and SCM support for business processes. As opposed to the so called “World Class” ERP solutions, ADempiere (originally based on Compiere) was designed for the globalized world. While the current incumbent World Class ERP’s had to build layers on top of the core product in order to provide support for multiple languages, currencies, companies, etc., ADempiere had them embedded from the original design.

Compiere – added 1/12/2007

Compiere ERP software is a cross platform Java J2EE solution that provides: fully integrated ERP and CRM solutions, both front-office (POS, Web Store) and back-office functionality, inventory management, automated accounting, managed distribution networks, and treamlined order processing.

Daffodil CRM – added 8/31/2006

Daffodil CRM is a software that enables seamless coordination between sales, marketing, customer service, field support and other functions that handle customer contact for an enterprise.

OpenEnterprise – added 8/31/2006

OpenEnterprise is a J2EE 5 compliant CRM/ERP/GroupWare/Project Management/ SFA software built for the Small and medium size business. The software can be installed separately or as a package and compaitble with exisiting directory services.

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