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DBF Explorer – added 1/5/2009

DBF Explorer is an application for viewing and editing DBF files (dBase III). It has an Easy-to-Use, simple and intuitive interface. You can add, edit, delete/undelete records, modify field structure; create new DBF database file; find/replace and pack records. The application also supports printing/print preview and can export data to text/HTML files. DBF Explorer does not require external drivers for connection to databases (ODBC, BDE).

CDBF Explorer – added 12/9/2008

CDBF Explorer is a free database software (Windows platform) that allows you to open dBase tables, to modify contents of these, and to do some other simple management operations (searching, applying filters, operations with indexes, etc). CDBF Explorer engine is based on TDbf Component, and doesn’t require any external database engines, as BDE or ODBC.

MDB2XML – added 11/24/2008

This utility converts a MS Access database software (MDB) to an XML document. Simple enter the name of the MDB file, give the name of the output file and press Convert.

MDB Builder – added 9/24/2008

MDB Builder could be an excellent tool to help Manage your access databases if you have to create new ones on a regular basis. MDB Builder creates MS Access Database just like the original Databuilder with the additional capability of creating tables of your choice.

LyteRAD CE Edition – added 8/28/2008

LyteRAD is a new Rapid Application Development framework for building and deploying light weight database applications. The tool contains all the building blocks to put together a complete application quickly. LyteRAD elimnates database administration and server configuration, So that you can focus on building sophisticated applications straight away.

freebaser – added 6/2/2008

The Freebaser project is collective of free, simple, elegant, useful multi-platform database applications including: * Client database * Member database * Contacts database * Task List / Todo list * Workflow database.

VirtualTreeNavigator – added 11/23/2007

VirtualTreeNavigator is a taxonomy generator and browser that presents data in a hierarchical structure. It is the ultimate taxonomy visualization tool. It can present any RDBMS structure as a taxonomy system using a simple and intuitive XML descriptor. It can generate taxonomies based on simple rules and collect data from SQL, XML, HTML, XHTML or CSV text. It can connect to any RDBMS database (ODBC, ADO, OLEDB) and will retrieve data using plain SQL. VirtualTreeNavigator will help you to instantly visualise and understand the structure of any database.

Database Commander – added 3/19/2007

Database commander is a small database manager with user-friendly interface which has the ability to connect to any data store accessible via OLE DB.

Move Data – added 11/27/2005

Move Data provides a method of migrating data between various database systems, spreadsheets and text files. It provides a way to edit data within databases where there is no editor available and also producing text output. Reads and writes CSV, TAB, dBase, Paradox, Access, Oracle and InfoCentral. Copy/paste rows straight into your spreadsheet and writes HTML.

DataProspector – added 11/2/2005

DataProspector is a database client program designed to create, transfer, and process databases, and work with database tables, including those with multi-line fields.

Stash – added 7/6/2005

Stash is a minimal, console only, utility for managing small fragments of text like your book or CDROM collection, URLs, etc, from the command line. Stash considers 1 line equal to 1 record. With that design philosophy in mind the goal here is to: Get in > Get your data > Get out.

Aquarius Database – added 4/2/2005

Aquarius is a business database software with all the basic operational, accounting and inventory features you will need to run a small business. And since your database may need to have new features added as your business grows and evolves, provision has been made to allow Aquarius to have new custom features added to it.

TDB – added 12/1/2002

TDB is a small, powerful database software. With some programming you can make very useful databases with intelligent reports. With one right-click in a database or a click on the headers you can simply maintain the data. You can also import and export records, make graph’s, use some statistics functions, “intelligent” commands, multiple field search and replace, and more.

Table – added 10/20/2003

This is a simple and convenient database software for both the house and office. You can perform fast, powerful searches, export to various formats, sort by any field you wish, and customize the interface with unlimited records. The database is represented in the default table, where the quantity of columns can be tailored to your database needs. The program can be used as a telephone directory, a card file, a videoshop, etc.

MDB2XML – added 10/25/2004

This utility converts a MS Access database software (MDB) to an XML document. Simple enter the name of the MDB file, give the name of the output file and press Convert.

DBDesigner – added 8/14/2003

DBDesigner 4 is a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single, seamless environment. DBDesigner 4 is developed and optimized for the open source MySQL-Database to support MySQL users with a powerful design tool.

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