desktop publishing

Creative Docs .NET – added 11/18/2008

Creative Docs .NET is a vector-based graphic design tool with support for rich text, ideal to quickly write short documents, manuals, posters, illustrations, schemas, plans, flow charts, and much more. The interface is tailored for high productivity: it does never get in your way. Creative Docs .NET tools are simple, yet powerful. All styles and attributes can be modified interactively with a minimum number of mouse clicks. A color gradient, for instance, can be modified directly by dragging its handles in the document window.

Portable Scribus – added 9/21/2006

Portable Scribus is a portable version of an open source page maker called Scribus, which is much like Adobe Pagemaker, which can help create professional looking documents, newsletters, magazines, etc. With Portable Scribus, you can put it on your USB drive, and plug it in to any computer, and leave not trace behind when you’re done.

PrintMaster Express – added 6/27/2005

PrintMaster Express is a print creativity application that lets you add personality and flair to any occasion. With PrintMaster Express you can easily create Greeting Cards, Note Cards, Banners, Calendars, Photo Projects and so much more. Other features include an address book complete with event reminders for birthdays and anniversaries, plus mail merge capabilities that let you send personalized letters, invitations, and newsletters.

Ragtime Solo – added 6/2/2005

RagTime Solo is a powerful DTP software for Windows and Mac OS. The main difference from the commercial version is a startup window that asks the user to acknowledge that RagTime Solo may not be employed for commercial use. Key Product Features: – Seamless integration, drawing elements double as containers for all the above components. – Dual editing of modules in layout mode or seperate window by double clicking the module in the Inventory. – Calculation function available in tables, text, graphs, and drawing text. – RagTime component, including drawings can be placed in all types of frames and spreadsheet cells. – Unlimited rotation, scaling and cropping of all drawn objects and their contents. – Common style sheets for fonts, paragraphs, lines and fills in all components. – 3-D Spreadsheet has over 200 functions with 16,000 rows, columns and planes. – 2-D and 3-D view point and ligfht point graphs, line, pie, and XYZ graphs; bubble and polar charts. – Dynamic links between tables and graphs via Drag and Drop, on the page layout. (last freeware version!)

PagePlus SE – added 6/2/2005

PagePlus SE is the easiest way to get professional desktop publishing results on your desktop printer. With your PC, printer, and PagePlus, you can save time and money. PagePlus is so versatile and simple to use that even a desktop publishing novice will be up and running in minutes. With a whole host of preset document layouts, automated templates, fantastic color schemes and artistic effects, this application enables anyone to produce professional looking results. Comes with desktop publishing tutorials and templates.