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HTMLDoc – added 8/31/2006

HTMLDOC converts HTML files and web pages into indexed HTML, PostScript, and PDF files suitable for on-line viewing and printing. HTMLDOC is used for anything that needs to be viewed or printed including on-line billing, books, financial statements, automated network configuration guides, mailing lists and labels, marketing flyers, quarterly reports, technical manuals, and users manuals.

Jujusoft BookReader – added 7/10/2006

Jujusoft BookReader is an application for reading text files as ‘nicely’ formatted books. It is an attempt to make the reading of texts on a computer more comfortable and familiar. It is primarily designed for reading plain text files (such as those that may be downloaded from public sources like Project Gutenberg).

Ebook Builder – added 1/29/2003

EBook Builder is perfect for the budding author or seasoned writer. Compile your valuable penship into chapters/book format, using rich text format (RTF), into standalone, independent EBooks (.exe), requiring no supportive software. Backward compatibility – reads previously built v1.xx EBooks, password protection, drag and drop Index lines, (chapter titles), definable index panel height, definable color: index line, Index panel background, chapter content, background and window, print chapter & print all chapters.

yBookMaker – added 6/2/2005

yBookMaker allows you to publish your work as an e-book which anyone can read using the yBook reader. Well, almost anyone – with yBookMaker you can decide on the level of protection for your work, from none at all to a password-protected file with your customer’s name and address compiled right in.

SbookBuilder – added 6/2/2005

SbookBuilder creates a standalone HTML viewer executable of a directory and all the html, image and sound files in it, with just a few button clicks. Frames support, zoomable print preview and printing of selected pages, custom start page, custom Icon and windows title, optional password protection, special print page-break tag; Cascading Style Sheet support. Optionally disable printing. Optionally include a custom sequence file in your Sbook so that users can flip the pages in the specified order.

ReaderWorks Standard – added 6/2/2005

Imagine building your own eBooks in your home, office or school — quickly and easily! You can with OverDrive’s ReaderWorks Standard 2.0 – the premier eBook authoring and conversion software package that enables you to convert Microsoft Word documents into Microsoft Reader eBooks. ReaderWorks Standard is the perfect tool for the casual user or educator.

Natata Ebook Compiler – added 6/2/2005

The perfect tool for creating your digital publications Create professional eBooks using NATATA eBook Compiler and sell your own eBooks over the internet for huge profits. Create a single compact distributable .EXE file compatible with all windows operating systems. You can distribute your eBooks in a single self-contained compact executable file that can contain HTML pages, JavaScripts, VBScript, Text Documents, Graphics, Animated GIF files, Photos, Sounds, Music and more. The generated e-book doesn’t require any installation on the user’s PC or any special viewer.

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