tiny USB office – a small productivity software package

Looking for Floppy Office? The original USB office productivity suite will always remain availible, but has developed into an improved package – Tiny USB Office!

Tiny USB Office replaces the former FloppyOffice package, is an improved version of the small, portable productivity software suite which offers a collection of unique standalone free software applications. If you find yourself working on different machines and like the idea of having portable software that you can access hassle-free from any computer, then this is the package for you.

Whether you need to create rich-text word processing documents, share files across multiple computers, transfer files, create MS Excel compatible spreadsheets, comma-delimited database files, email your contacts, talk to your friends or co-workers on MSN, create pdf files, or securely encrypt or delete files – this is the perfect software package for you! When it comes to portable productivity, Tiny USB Office offers you the biggest bang for your buck – all under 2.5 megabytes of space! Hope you find it useful.

Jumbo Screenshot:
Tiny USB Office

Tiny USB Office features all of these programs, which are accessible with one click with the included Qsel portable program launcher software:

  • Database Creation – with CSVed
  • Data Encryption – with DScrypt
  • Email Client Software – with NPopUK
  • File Compression – with 100 Zipper
  • File Sharing – with HFS
  • File Transfer – with FTP Wanderer
  • Flowchart Creation – with EVE Vector Editor
  • MSN Messenger Client – with PixaMSN
  • Tree-Style Outliner Software – with Mempad
  • PDF Creation – with PDF Producer
  • Password Recovery – with XPass
  • Secure Deletion – with DSdel
  • Spreadsheet Creation – with Spread32
  • Text Editing – with TedNotepad
  • Word Processing – with Kpad
  • Program Launching – with Qsel

Tiny USB Office can do all this and more at under 2.5 megabytes!

Given the fact that Tiny USB Office is so small in size, this is definitely a software bundle worth having on your flash drive, or keeping around for a rainy day. Sure, it is not a replacement for your standard office business applications, but it is the perfect basic portable office solution for anyone who is on the road a lot, or who finds themselves working on different or older, sluggish PCs.
read more about each of the individual applications below

IMPORTANT: Antivirus false positives.

Lately we have been inundated with emails warning about TinyOffice containing virus and trojan activity, flagged by a popular antivirus site, virustotal.com. The false positives seem to be all generated by one of the programs bundled in TinyOffice — HFS file server.

The reports from this site are 100% false positives. All of the assertions that are made by various file scanners offer vague claims of malware, and none of them are even in consensus as to a specific infection! The program in TinyOffice which is in question, HFS, is also open source, so one can examine its code and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is in fact no malware of any kind in it! (It is likely the best single reason for using open source software when one can)

This is an ongoing problem that plagues many legitimate software developers, and is due to the irresponsibility of the large corporate antivirus industry itself, who profit largely on fear and disinfo – at the expense of legitimate software developers. Even Microsoft’s antivirus had a false positive for Gmail!

It is very difficult, if not impossible, for someone to prove the non-existence of something. I can assure you, I detest malware and spyware as much as any of you.

more about the applications you get with this package:

PDF Producer

PDF Producer  is a tiny GUI PDF creation tool which simply creates PDF documents from text files.


KPad  is a small rtf editor which can come in handy to start documents which might later be saved in another format. KPad is a multidocument editor and has all the basic functions of Windows Wordpad.


Spread32  is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel! It is essentially a mini-Excel with all of the basic features that you would expect in a competent spreadsheet program. Run macros, draw objects, generate charts, calculate functions and formulas, its all here. And it reads and writes xls, csv, text, and pxl formats. This version includes the last freeware version…

Ted Notepad

Ted Notepad  is what Windows notepad should be: a small but robust text editor with multilevel undo/redo, cliptexts, case conversion tools, text tools, Unicode compatible, and much more. The light-weight portable application fits on USB drive and loads instantly with no installation required. TED Notepad is designed especially for daily writing of notes, lists, scripts and html/php files.

100k Zipper

100k Zipper  is exactly what one needs in a basic compression program, it just reads and writes zip files, and does it very well.


NPopUK  is a full featured email client (a far improved version of the brilliant nPOP itself), which as it is, can almost replace MS Outlook Express. It supports authentication, address book, multiple POP accounts and much more!


PixaMSN  is a tiny standalone MSN Messenger clone with only basic features. It’s a small executable which requires no installation and saves absolutely nothing to hard disk or registry. Perfect for carrying on a floppy or an USB drive!


MemPad  is a tree-style outliner software that keeps your notes in text pages with a structured index in the left pane. The pages are stored in one single file. Page size and index nesting are not limited. MemPad offers standard editing functions including cut, copy, paste, undo, date/time insert, drag&drop, and supports Web links as well as network and local file or folder links (full path not required) and internal page links.


HFS  is a HTTP File Server to send and receive files. Just select the files you want to share to a list, create user accounts for those you want to have access to the files, and you are set. You don’t even have to create a web page listing the files available, HFS does that automatically.

FTP Wanderer

FTP Wanderer  is a small thin ftp client that supports cmod and logging. FTP Wanderer is enough for 90% of your file transfer needs.


CSVed  CSV file editor that can export to HTML, Excel, Word, XML and more. You can use CSVed to create and edit database files, contact lists, spreadsheets and much more.

There’s More!

You get all of these, plus a text encryption program, a secure file shredder, a password revealer, and last but not least, a tiny vector editor.


All of the applications are freeware, however each of them have their own individual licenses, and belong to their respective authors. If you have any support queries or need more detailed information, please refer to the individual “readme” files in each application’s directory. If you like these applications – please do not hesitate to offer support, donation, etc to the respective authors of these programs, who have offered them, unselfishly as free software. There is no way that a company like MS, for example, could offer applications like these at any price.