notes & reminders

NexNote – added 4/27/2004

NexNote is a fully skinnable sticky note software that is perfect for the home user, but has those features that some power users can’t live without. It has the ability to share notes via ftp, set yourself reminders, make notes transparent (2k/XP only), apply a wide variety of skins, easily create your own skins, and customize the functionality of the program to your liking.

Fast Note – added 10/21/2003

Fast Note is an useful program, thought for those people that always need a little piece of paper to write to some useful infos when they’re sit down near their PC. Write useful notes to be shown on your desktop.

Dnoter – added 7/25/2002

This program allows you to effectively keep track of notes on your desktop as if they were post-it’s. Version 2 adds rich text editing, backgrounds, reminders, and an installer. The program runs quietly in your system tray and you can start adding notes by double clicking on it. Notes maybe be repositioned, made transparent, resized, locked, and hidden. Very small footprint program.

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