OOoMacros – added 11/23/2007

A repository for macros/add-ins, and documentation about writing macros and/or extending

LanguageTool Open Source language checker – added 11/23/2007

LanguageTool Open Source language checker is an Open Source language checker for English, German, Polish, Dutch, and other languages. This is a rule-based language checker that will find errors for which a rule is defined in its XML configuration files. Rules for more complicated errors can be written in Java. You can think of LanguageTool as a tool to detect errors that a simple spell checker cannot detect, e.g. mixing up there/their, no/now etc. It can also detect some grammar mistakes. Works with 2.3 Menu – added 11/23/2007 Menu is supposed to provide an assistance and decrease the complexity of browsing through the site infrastructure by providing a Firefox menu with the most important entry points. These entry points will be maintained and hold in sync with relevant projects people may want to jump to. In future releases it is planned to add functionality as it is related to Firefox and repository for Extensions – added 11/23/2007 repository for Extensions lets you publish your extensions and discover their popularity. Experience new functionality while adjusting your installation to meet your needs and maximize your productivity. With the help of extensions, which add functionality or slight tweaks to the user interface or entirely new features to the product. Featuring extensions like Sun Report Builder, eFax for StarOffice and and Professional Template Packs!

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