pdf freeware

Scan2PDF – added 7/31/2005

Scan2PDF converts physical documents into electronic ones. You scan one or more pages of a document and then hit the Make PDF button and it will convert them into a multi-page, indexed PDF file.

PDFTK Builder – added 7/10/2005

PDFTK Builder is a graphical interface to the Windows version of PDFTK. IT allows you to rearrange (reorder, delete, & duplicate) pages in a single document and/or merge pages from multiple PDF documents, add a background to each page in a document, remove encryption from an existing PDF document, and also encrypt new pdf documents.

PDF4U – added 6/8/2005

PDF4U creates PDF files from any Windows application running on Windows NT (SP3+), Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The software installs itself as a print driver, all you have to do is to click “Print” from your application to create PDF files. Compatibile with Microsoft Word 2003; enhanced PDF document resolution up to 2540 dpi.

FreePDF XP – added 6/7/2005

FreePDF XP is a spdf software with encryption, file editing, image support and more. (homepage in German).

PDF Analyzer – added 6/5/2005

With the PDF-Analyzer you have an information tool specifically for pdf files that offers text extraction and xml-export of pdf files.

PDF Explorer – added 6/5/2005

With PDF Explorer is easy to catalog all the pdf archives contained in multiple disks or compressed zip files. Add to a database file: filename, title, subject, author and keywords fields to enable a fast subject search. These fields may be edited. The program also is an image extractor, with built in viewer, and pdf viewer (using acrobat activeX plugin).

PDF2HTMLgui – added 6/4/2005

PDF2HTMLgui provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for the command-line, open-source converter PDFtoHTML. It allows you to convert a PDF to HTML with a few mouse clicks. PDF2HTMLgui supports all current options of PDFtoHTML from within the GUI. There is a simple interface and an advanced interface with more options.

Easy PDF to Text Converter – added 6/4/2005

Easy PDF to Text Converter can extract text from pdf files — it does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software. Easy PDF to Text Converter processes at very high speed and you can convert multiple batches of pdf files to text files at one time. It also keeps original page layout when convert pdf to text.

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