pim freeware

QwikLook – added 12/29/2006

QwikLook Address Book is an easy to use freeware program that allows you to keep track of family and friends home or business street addresses, email addresses or phone information. You can send emails, call ‘em or view a specific website with just a click. This address book has a few extra feature to make things a little easier, like putting a shortcut in your system tray or desktop for quick access.

Hizn Organizer – added 12/28/2006

Hizn Organizer is a freeware personal information manager you can securely store and effectively organize your private, sensitive information such as passwords, thoughts and credit card numbers, and stores that information in one file.

ContactKeeper – added 12/14/2006

ContactKeeper is a free personal information manager to store contact information about your friends, family, colleges, in one database file. ContactKeeper can also even generate a birthday calender based on the dates of birth of the persons in the database!

Centromedia Address Office – added 11/14/2006

Get organized with Centromedia Address Office ! It’s a practical multiplatform telephone and address book that allows you to quickly and easily manage addresses, phone numbers, URLs, AIM, ICQ and Email addresses. Address Office can quickly find what you are looking for. The program is really simple to use and lets you protect your data with a password. Centromedia Address Office helps you in your daily work at the office or at home and can follow you everywhere in your Laptop.

My Things – added 11/10/2006

MyThings was created to provide a very easy way for anyone to use the included programs ( Calendar, Notes/Diary & Address/Contact ) and not worry about the behind the scenes of keeping the information from other users by simply logging in & out with a user name(ID). Create private notes, contacts and schedules easily.

miniTrezor – added 11/9/2006

miniTrezor is a secure PIM program with an MS Office interface, which creates a protected, safe store (so-called vault or trezor) for the user’s data: the data are encrypted, password protected, and physically may be stored in several copies (located on several discs, or even several computers).

InfoWonder – added 11/6/2006

InfoWonder is a new kind of personal information organizer. Not just a list of phone contacts, it extends functionality beyond that of a traditional sticky note program by storing and organizing many different types of information: word processed memos, voice/audio “notes”, web pages, pictures, and offering user-created fill-in forms to simplify repetitive data entry.

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