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Nomad PIM – added 10/31/2006

Nomad PIM is an extendible personal information manager. It allows you to keep track of your personal data and currently provides modules for notes, schedule, contacts, money, diary and timetracking. Nomad PIM is an Eclipse RCP application. Like eclipse, it provides extension points for extensions by additional plugins. All personal data is automatically stored in several (unicode) xml files and can be used on all supported platforms.

Memoirs2000 – added 10/5/2006

Memors2000 Lite is a PIM manager and comprehensive tool to keep your daily text-based information and lets you organize your bits of text-based info in a hierarchial tree outline form using Explorer like interface.

Pooter4 – added 10/4/2006

Pooter4 is a cross-platform personal information management software with calendar, contacts, diary and thought map modules. It has been completely rewritten, compared to earlier versions, with a reworked interface and much new functionality. It allows you to choose which email client, word processor, browser and sms program you wish it to cooperate with.

Total Organizer – added 9/29/2006

Total Organizer is a Personal Information Manager that helps you organize and plan your business and personal life. What’s unique about the app, is that it allows you to store all of your contacts, tasks, notes, and to-do lists divided into tree-structured categories. In addition, each item (be it a note, task, contact ,etc) may belong to several categories (tags).

Kurlo – added 8/15/2006

Kurlo is a free, portable contact manager designed for personal and small business use. It accommodates multiple users, allowing each user to maintain his or her own set of individual and organization contacts, address books, address lists, email lists, preferences and email information and messages. Kurlo can easily be installed and run on a Windows computer and/or a portable device such as a USB flash drive or mp3 player. Kurlo, with it’s many features, can help you get and stay organized.

ViaList – added 7/11/2006

ViaList is software that helps your club, group, committee, or family stay organized and up-to-date. It lets you share any kind of list — things to do, contact information, agendas, ideas, whatever you need — as easily as sending an e-mail. Once you’ve “posted” a list, everyone whose e-mail address you selected will be able to read and update the list on their own time. ViaList makes sure that all users of the list get each others’ updates, keeping everyone “on the same page.”

Ajour – added 5/2/2006

Ajour is an easy-to-use personal information manager (PIM). Use it as a combined calendar, diary, organizer, and reminder. Keep track of dates, appointments, annual events like birthdays, todo items, and notes. You can also dial phone numbers stored in your data just by double-clicking them. Ajour supports 8 languages in the user interface: Danish, Dutch, English, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Centromedia Address Office – added 4/25/2006

Get organized with Centromedia Address Office ! It’s a practical multiplatform telephone and address book that allows you to quickly and easily manage addresses, phone numbers, URLs, AIM, ICQ and Email addresses. Address Office can quickly find what you are looking for. The program is really simple to use and lets you protect your data with a password. Centromedia Address Office helps you in your daily work at the office or at home and can follow you everywhere in your Laptop.

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