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Simnor Address Keeper – added 3/2/2007

Simnor Address Keeper stores all your friends, families and other contacts names, addresses, emails, phone numbers. It is all done alphabetically so finding that contact quickly is no bother with Simnor Address Keeper 2006. It is also an attractive program as it adopts the Windows Vista Aero glass look. You can also export the contact to a text file, rich text file or a Microsoft Office Document.

WorkWeek – added 1/15/2007

WorkWeek is an easy and functional calendar, which allows you to organize your life. You can create and sort notes by date, time, category. Notes wizard helps you to create complicated notes such as annually, monthly or weekly notes.

Simplicity – added 1/15/2007

Simplicity Personal Organizer is an Personal Imformation Manager featuring: a To Do List, address book, UserIDs & passwords organizer, calendar, alarm, text editor, quick browser, a clock, *.tmp file Deleter, new files tracker, application and document launcher.

XML Address Book – added 1/15/2007

XML Adressbook is a full-featured, easy-to-use adressbook application with all the essential features you really need and without any overhead. You can add any number of entries you like or import them from an Excel file.

SYL – added 10/19/2006

SYL is a small, lightweight dual pane PIM notetaker that helps you to keep in order and place your notes by organizing them in a hierachial tree-style fashion.

Dawn – added 10/18/2006

Dawn is an address converter and manager that will convert your address book from one program’s format to another.

To Do – added 10/3/2006

To Do is an easy to use program to keep track of the things you have to do. It is so simple that you’ll actually use it! Simple of course does not mean that gljakal’s to do is not powerful. This little program has lots of features that can be used in a matter of minutes!

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