word processors

Jarte – added 6/10/2002

A compact word processor and WordPad replacement, Jarte uses the Windows built-in word processing engine at its core. It is the same word processing engine used by millions of Windows WordPad users. Jarte is a full featured word processor and Wordpad replacement with a unique, easy to use interface. Features include RTF and DOC support, OLE support (insert pictures, sounds, etc), tabbed document access, spell check, page breaks, print preview, visual header & footer designer, clipboard clip history viewer, online reference bar (includes dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, grammar, and quotes), multi-level undo & redo, customizable background, single click bookmarking, and many more. A detailed Help file is also included.

Aedit Free Word – added 2/14/2002

Very fast word processor with 256 bit encryption (+compression), spell checker, print preview/setup, multiple files, and more. It simple and easy to use. Unlike other software, AEdit Free Word doesn’t modifiy your operating system, and doesn’t install DLLs.

ContentSpring – added 4/17/2005

Use ContentSpring to save a Document directly from Word to your Website/Intranet, as easy as printing one. The ContentSpring application processes the Documents turning them into useful web content, by: adding the Document’s content to a template creating a web page, adds a link to the web page in a Directory web page and finally up/down-loads; all automatically. (note: there is a free version!)

kPad – added 11/28/2004

A lightweight WTL based text editor – kPad is a lightweight text editor that works with RTF and TXT file formats.

Natural SinGlish – added 5/1/2005

Natural SinGlish allows you to type Sinhala in English letters. Though Natural SinGlish is ideal for producing short, informal documents, it can be easily used to produce complex formal documents.

TxE8 – added 07/13/2004

TxE8 is a unique flexible word processor with a fantastic interface. It loads extremely fast, can handle very large documents, can e-mail your documents (without using another program), and it has Drag and Drop support. It has many unique features, like the on-screen Find-bar to find things fast, and the Add text panel, which allows you to insert frequently used words quickly.

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