word processors

Keynote – added 12/8/2003

Tabbed notebook with Rich Text editor, multi-level tree notes and strong encryption. Ideal for free-form or structured information. Stores many notes within one file. Each note can contain a hierarchical tree of topics. Powerful editing, formatting and search functions, macros, templates, plugins. Extremely configurable interface and behavior. Import and export: text, RTF, HTML, TreePad. Clickable hyperlinks, drag-and-drop.

Delphad – added 6/4/2002

Delphad is a text – and RTF editor with embedded HTML & Picture Viewer functions. Delphad supposed to be a Word Pad replacement, because it includes all the word pad features plus plenty of additional functions. With Delphad you can almost open any file, edit text or rtf, open Word Docs. It includes a term box to store often used phrases for a fast utilization and a file list box for browsing fast through all files of a directory.

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