writer’s software

yWriter – added 9/25/2008

yWriter allows you to break your novel into chapters and scenes within chapters. You can reorder scenes and drag & drop them between chapters. Gives you a running word count per scene and chapter, and the built-in editor auto-saves your work. yWriter helps you to split your novel into chapters and scenes within chapters.

Text Block Writer – added 7/28/2008

Text Block Writer is a virtual index card program for writers which can be used to organize research papers, articles, fiction, non-fiction, books and whatever related to writing. It is intended for people like me who use paper index cards to write all the notes and pieces of an essay, and then arrange the pieces and then use that to type them into the computer. With this program, you can type in the notes and arrange them on the computer, and then export them to an rtf document (that can be opened in word, open office, or just about any other word processor).

The Magical Jellybean Dictionary – added 7/1/2008

The Magical Jellybean Dictionary is a freeware dictionary client for Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP. It connects to a dictionary server and retrieves the definition from a database on the server. It can now connect to any server via the INI file.

Writer’s Tools – added 11/19/2007

Writer’s Tools is an all-around tool designed to help OpenOffice.org users perform a wide range of tasks. It makes it easier to back up documents, look up and translate words and phrases, manage text snippets, and keep tabs on document statistics.

ReadingRater – added 9/21/2007

ReadingRater is a reading and research program that will get the reading level of a piece of text (just about any size). It uses multiple formulas for calculating reading level and averages the result. It has been tested against several of these formulas with a number of different texts for accuracy and has shown to be with in a reasonable margin of these formula results.

AntiPlagiarist – added 12/26/2006

AntiPlagiarist quickly compares multiple documents searching for copied and pasted fragments of text. Suspicious findings are reported in the convenient format that shows just what you need to see. Plain text, HTML files, and numerous word-processing formats are supported, including Microsoft Word and Word Perfect.

The Hat – added 11/15/2006

The Hat generates a random order from a list of any number of names. Great for parents or teachers to assign a random order in which to allow kids to do something such as play video games or use the computer. Import names from a file, show special effects while shuffling names, and more.

MikkoMatrix – added 11/1/2006

MikkoMatrix is a small program, that randomly selects words from two different lists, and displays these words. The user can use the included lists or may elect to replace the lists for his or her own specific purposes, such as creating random character names.

Papel – added 7/5/2006

Papel is a text editor that is designed for creative writers, which allows you to write intuitively without logical tasks interfering with the flow of your ideas.

WoMan – added 10/25/2006

WoMan is a fast Wordlist Manipulator which can sort a wordlist (sorting is lightning-fast, uses the QuickSort algorithm, one of the fastest available), kill duplicates, count words, randomize a file, convert wordlists, and more.

Word Generator – added 10/25/2006

Word Generator is a sor generating names for stories, programs, etc. It has many options and produces some nice words. There is also names file support, and WordGen files, a special rules format.

7thnovels – added 10/5/2006

7thnovels is a novel generator that creates short stories automatically using scenarios which create a combination of stories using pre written sentences.

TextHarvest – added 12/16/03

TextHarvest is a text processing tool, that allows you to copy and extract lines from a (text) file, that contain a specific word or term. For example, you could use the program to extract all the lines that contain the specific word, and automatically create an output file that only contains those specific lines. In addition, you can also reverse the process and only copy the lines that do not contain the specified words. TextHarvest is useful for processing large lists of any kind, including email lists, inventory, to-do lists etc. and can also be used via command line. Help and examples included.

JMReader – added 10/27/2006

JMReader is a perfect book reader, it simulates true book interface, open *.txt, *.htm, *.html, *.zip, *.rar, files for reading. Its reading interface is comfortable, convenient, and flexible.