data encryption

MegaCipher – added 3/21/2006

MegaCipher data encryption software allows on-the-fly encryption of all kinds of data with 128-bit open keys. Crypted data can only be decrypted with the correct password. The key cannot be found with brute force attack as it can have 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,770,000,000 possible combinations! Now you can safely hide your private data from others eyes!

Crypteze – added 2/18/2006

Crypteze can encrypt any file for sharing with others – protected by digital IDs or a password. If you need a Digital ID for file encryption or secure e-mail (Microsoft Outlook Express and Outlook), Crypteze can generate one for you. Also, Crypteze can securely delete a file so that it cannot be recovered by any means. Crypteze offers a simpler, more Microsoft-centric alternative to PGP.

LockNote – added 1/26/2006

Steganos LockNote will change the way you work with confidential notes. Application and document in one: the mechanism to encrypt and decrypt a note is part of it. Hide your serial numbers, passwords, phone numbers and everyday notes in a safe place. Your informations will be encrypted using a password and most modern AES 256bit encryption technology. No installation required.

OVSoft PowerCrypt – added 12/14/2005

OVSoft PowerCrypt 2000 is the innovative and powerful file encoder. Make sure your files safe with a 100% secure encryption algorithm. This encryption is unbreakable. Encode multiple files at a time, manage your archives, compress data for better disk space usage and create packages with multiple encrypted files.

Open BCrypt – added 12/11/2005

Open BCrypt does file encryption using a passphrase. This is recommendable when sending files via email, burning files onto CD, sending files via ftp, or storing private data on your notebook or PC! For example, in the case of encryting a CD, if the CD is write-once, you cannot delete single files on it. If you want to get rid of a single file, you have to destroy the CD physically as a whole. With encryption, the problem no longer exists. even if someone unauthorized gets it into his hands, he can’t use it.

aCrypt+ – added 12/9/2005

aCrypt+ is a secure, fast and efficient way to e-mail securely encrypted attachments as self extracting executable files. The recipient does not need any software to decrypt the package.

CryptoExpert 2006 Lite – added 12/7/2005

CryptoExpert creates encrypted virtual disks and these disks are visible as usual disks with drive letters (for example, G:, H:, Z:, i.e. with any drive letter that is not used by other system devices). The data stored on a CryptoExpert disk is stored in the container file. A container is a file, so it is possible to backup a container, move or copy it to other disk (CD-ROM or network, for instance) and continue to access your encrypted data using CryptoExpert. Any free drive letter (or choosen letter) in the system may be used to mount and to open an encrypted file-container for access. When the virtual disk is opened, you can read and write data as if it were a conventional removable disk. You can do anything with a CryptoExpert virtual drive that you can do with a normal hard drive; only that with CryptoExpert, the encrypted volumes require password authentication before the files become accessible.

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