data encryption

Cryptext – added 11/1/2005

Sometimes you’d just rather not share your files with anyone. Install this freeware, right-click on any file, and encrypt it using a 160-bit key. It uses a combination of SHA-1 and RC4 cryptographic algorithms to encrypt files, and generates a value to ensure that no two files are encrypted with the same keystream. This shell extension is available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese versions.

Remora USB File Guard – added 10/7/2005

Remora USB File Guard is designed to do file encryption and compression in your USB storage devices. With Remora USB File Guard, you can secure all your files and store them in USB disk anytime and anywhere.

CrossCrypt – added 9/14/2005

Open Source AES and TwoFish Linux compatible on the fly encryption for Windows XP and Windows 2000. Its strong encryption supports /aes256 , /aes192, /aes128 (SingleKey Mode aes-loop compatible) and TwoFish (Use /2f) (160 Bit Key) and can mount unencrypted CD Rom iso files as well. And you can dump ISO Images form existing CD’s.

Omziff – added 10/20/2005

Omziff is a straightforward encryption utility that uses various cryptographic algorithms to encrypt and decrypt textual files. These algorithms include: Blowfish, Cast128, Gost, IDEA, Misty1, AES/Rijndael, and Twofish. Omziff also generates random passwords, splits files, and does simple file shredding according to DOD Standards. It is freeware, comes in a standalone executable file with no dependencies and is completely USB compatible!

PicoCrypt – added 8/29/2005

PicoCrypt is a small and extremely fast encryption utility that uses Blowfish encryption algorithm in CBC mode. It is easy to use and support multiple files drag-and-drop. In addition, it is portable, you can put it on your USB memory stick and run it anywhere you go! Very useful for users who want to keep their document secure on their computer or transfer over Internet using unsecure channel. It uses a 128-bits key that is the MD5 message-digest of user password.

Dekart Private Disk Light – added 8/17/2005

Disk Light allows you to create a secure space for all your work, exchange encrypted data with others, and feel sure that your information is safe from external and internal manipulation.

EncryptOnClick – added 8/12/2005

EncryptOnClick is a program that lets you securely encrypt and decrypt files. EncryptOnClick is like hiring your own highly experienced data security guard who ensures the files you want to keep safe and out of view from others stay that way. The program is very simple to use and features military grade 256-bit AES encryption.

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