data encryption

Advanced File Security – added 10/29/2005

Advanced File Security is an encryption application which uses the DES(Data Encryption Standard). It supports the encryption of hole folders, is under 300kb, and is super-simple to operate.

PlainText Crypto – added 10/29/2005

PlainText Crypto lets you encrypt your text files into a sequence of digits. To encode and decode some text, the special key files are used. Every key file is unique and cannot be generated again. The encoded text cannot be restored without having a key file that had been used for encoding. This software may be also helpful for those who need to send secured texts via email. The encryption algorithm is stable against breaking and encoded texts are effectively protected.

Zero Footprint Crypt – added 5/22/2003

Zero Footprint Crypt can encrypt your files using the powerful Blowfish algorithm. It comes with a built-in viewer for images, movies, sound and support for MP3 tags. The program offers a unique way to view encrypted image files without decrypting them to a file, but to memory instead. In addition to encrypting your files, you can also wipe them from your disk, using multiple overwrites and perform some basic image editing.

Cryptomathic File2F – added 8/18/2005

File2File is an easy-to-use data encryption solution, which enables users to secure data for personal storage as well as for exchange between colleagues, partners, customers or personal relations. With its basic but effective authentication relying on only one password shared by all initiated parties, File2File is the perfect ad-hoc solution independent of any specialised security infrastructure.

BCArchive – added 7/3/2005

BCArchive software is designed to compress group of files or folders into an encrypted archive (i.e. a single compressed file). BCArchive uses well-known symmetric and public/secret key encryption algorithms. It conforms to standards and specifications widely used in public/secret key technology. BCArchive has a special set of commands allowing encrypted data to be sent by e-mail as easy as possible. With BCArchive you can compress and encrypt data to self-extracting executable program. You (or your recipient) can run the program and extract the data even on a computer where BCArchive is not installed.

Kryptel Lite – added 5/15/2005

Kryptel Lite is a reliable, fast, and easy-to-use data encryption program. While it lacks advanced Kryptel features, it is a great program, which will perfectly suit your needs if your security demands are not very high.

dsCrypt – added 1/25/2003

dsCrypt is AES/Rijndael data encryption software with simple, multi-file, drag-and-drop operations. It features optimal implementation, performance and safety measures. dsCrypt uses an advanced encryption algorithm and offers unique options for enhanced security.

BladeBox Iron Edition – added 5/16/2005

BladeBox creates virtual encrypted volumes, which are AES-encrypted files that can be mounted as if they were disk drives (with a DOS drive letter too). What you get is a container in the form of a virtual disk that you can use exactly as any other disk in your system, but the difference is that BladeBox volumes are secure, unbreakable, encrypted data storages.

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