data encryption

Zero Footprint Crypt – added 3/16/2004

Zero Footprint Crypt can encrypt your files using any of 6 supported algorithms (Blowfish, Twofish, 3DES, RC4, Serpent and Rijndael). It comes with a built-in viewer for images, movies, sound and support for MP3 tags. The program offers a unique way to view encrypted image files without decrypting them to a file, but to memory instead.

CompuSec PC Security Suite – added 10/03/03

CompuSec PC Security Suite is a data encryption software that uses pre-boot authentication and full hard disk encryption as well as encryption of floppy disks and other removable media. The pre-boot access control requires you to enter your UserID and password before the system will boot up. There are two encryption methods available, one that will keep your data encrypted prior to boot, and one that will encrypt data on-the fly.

FineCrypt – added 2/28/2003

FineCrypt allows you to create encrypted self-extracting archives which can be decrypted without it. It lets you encrypt files, directories and whole directory trees using a password or a key. You can select any of 10 encryption algorithms and any of the four encryption modes. The program includes a key manager, the ability to display file statistics, a permanent file wiping function, and integration with the Windows shell.

Genie – added 7/6/2004

Genie is a new and innovative wizard based file encrypting program. Welcome to the world of self-decrypting archives! These archives are ideal for sending documents or graphic images to colleagues or clients who may be unfamiliar with data encryption. End users without decryption program can just double click on a self-decrypting archive to decrypt it with a familiar Windows interface.

Email Link Encoder – added 8/4/2006

Email Link Encoder is an antispam software utility enables you to encode your email links on your website so they can’t be extracted by rogue internet spiders looking for email addresses to add to junk mailing lists. This will help prevent you from getting huge amounts of spam.

OneClick Personal Encryption Software – added 6/2/2006

OneClick Personal Encryption Software is the perfect freeware solution for personal-use laptops and desktops. The application requires no extra computer memory and takes less than 5 minutes to install.

CommuniCrypt QuickSigner – added 6/2/2006

Secure your data exchanges and transfers with digitally signed files! This is a tool for quickly digitally signing or verifying text or files with Public-Key-Encryption with RSA encryption algorithm (RSAES-OAEP).Key length for signing up to 7120 bit. Keys are compatible with CommuniCrypt Standard Edition. You sign a file or text with your secret key, send this via LAN, Internet or mail and the other side can verify the authenticity of it with your public key.

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