password manager

Passwords Guru – added 3/14/2006

Passwords Guru is a powerful and convenient passwords generator that can create alphanumeric passwords from a convenient and simple interface using wildcard characters.

MaxPasswords – added 12/22/2005

MaxPasswords generates random passwords from custom alphanumeric strings using symbols, extended characters, letters and numbers, all in either upper or lower case. It lets you define four custom strings into its memory, and also allows for static text and charcater masks to be utilized in generating passwords.

KeyMaker – added 12/21/2005

Key Maker allows you to convert a phrase into a secret password. You can use it to create and use as many complicated passwords as you like without having to worry about forgetting passwords. The real difference between Key Maker and other password generators is that Key Maker uses a radically different approach. It doesn’t generate random passwords. Key Maker requires a key phrase. This can be anything that you will always remember (e.g.: I always forget passwords). The password is created from this phrase and will look some thing like ghomqca9. Even though this password is quite difficult to guess or even remember, you can always get it back by running Key Maker and typing in I always forget passwords.

EKG – added 12/18/2005

EKG is a simple yet powerful key (password) generator whose only purpose is to help you create really complex passwords based on alphanumeric patterns. While being a relatively small and simple program, EKG has extensive options which allow the user as much freedom as possible in generating passwords.

Simple Password – added 12/4/2005

A simple to use password manager to store all of your internet passwords. Encrypts your data file, optionally password protect the file, option to save data as plain text, simple one click editing, drops to system tray for quick access.

ZSoft Password Generator – added 11/29/2005

ZSoft Password Generator is a small program that can compile passwords in a length between 4 and 100 characters witch uppercase and lowercase letters (A-Z, a-z), numbers (0-9) and special characters (~, !, § etc.)

accountlogon – added 11/6/2005

accountlogon is a form and password filling software much like AI Roboform that removes the need to remember or access your individual website passwords from a file; AccountLogon will remember them and fill them in for you! Strong encryption (3 times the strength of internet banking) and many other security features will protect your details from Identity Theft.

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