pc access control

dirLock – added 12/19/2005

dirLock doesn’t encrypt the content of the folder you are going to lock, it just denys read/write/execute/delete access to that folder. dirLock also disables the Security Tab from the Folder Properties when it loads up — but you can enable the tab anytime through the File menu.

Quark – added 12/18/2005

Quark is a powerful security tool which will help you protect your computer from unauthorized access by taking over your system and denying any user interaction until the correct password has been provided.

Toddler Keys – added 12/15/2005

It is a useful tool for parents that allows you to lock your computer keyboard, CD drive doors and power-off button. When the keyboard is used it will display images and play sounds every time a key is pressed, thereby preventing access to the desktop and applications, while adding some entertainment value for the kid. You can select the images and sounds to be used by copying them to the Toddler Keys folder. To exit the locked screen, just type the word QUIT.

System Lock – added 12/8/2005

System Lock allows you to lock your desktop so that no other users may use your computer. System Lock contains numerous Options for security and appearance. It also has a unique protection system in that, if your computer is restarted or a power failure causes your machine to reboot, System Lock will automatically lock the system on restarting, so that you computer will remain locked.

StayOut – added 12/7/2005

StayOut locks your computer when you are not using it to prevent unauthorized access. To unlock the computer you must supply the correct password. StayOut will restart itself if there is a power outage or if someone resets your computer. StayOut also has the function to act as your screen saver, therefore securing your computer when your screensaver would normally come on, thus allowing you to set a time limit.

Klik Safe – added 12/2/2005

Klik Safe is a small program that lives on your PC and interacts with the user via a little lock icon in your system task tray on the lower right of your computer screen to toggle back and forth between various security modes. It is much safer to surf in high security mode, but most people do not do this because of the hassle involved in switching their computer settings back and forth. Klik Safe allows this switching to occur very easily.

Ghost-It! – added 11/24/2005

Ghost-It! is a program that runs in the system tray, and lets you turn windows into “ghost” windows. Ghost windows are very special windows. First of all, a ghost window is translucent, meaning you can see through it to whatever is underneath. Secondly, a ghost window will always appear on top of other windows. Thirdly, when a ghost window loses the input focus, it remains translucent and always on top, but all clicks will pass right through it like it wasn’t even there—until it becomes the active window again.

Hidewnd: Hide Windows Utility – added 11/22/2005

Hide windows utility uses keyboard shortcuts to hide the active working window or all desktop windows. The windows you have hidden can be shown again at a later time by selecting it from the list of hidden windows.

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