clipboard utilities

AVI2Clipboard – added 4/22/2006

AVI2Clipboard provides a small freeware utility that saves information from AVI videos to the clipboard. This is handy if you want to post AVI information on websites, forums or make a database of your video collection. It’s also possible to view the AVI information or to batch save the information of all AVI videos in a folder to text files.

Clip This – added 3/27/2006

Clip This allows to copy the name of a file or folder to the Windows clipboard. Use Clip This in the Windows explorer by clicking on a file or folder with the right mouse button.

ClipMagic – added 3/27/2006

ClipMagic provides a powerful Clipboard Extender and Information Manager for storing Images and Text, either automatically or manually in a categorised format, with details of the URL if the text is from an Internet site.

Textractor – added 3/23/2006

Textractor captures and logs all text a program writes to the screen. Some programs write information so fast that your eye can’t read it. Many programs write lots of text without supporting the Windows clipboard. Textractor gives you the chance to capture all text an applications outputs without having to retype it or using an OCR program. Textractor also works with console applications.

PureText – added 8/11/2005

Have you ever copied some text from a web page, a word document, help, etc., and wanted to paste it as simple text into another application without getting all the formatting from the original source? PureText makes this simple. Just copy/cut whatever you want to the clipboard, click on the PureText tray icon, and then paste to any application. Better yet, you can configure a Hot-Key to convert and paste the text for you. The pasted text will be pure and free from all formatting.

FillOutAForm – added 2/16/2006

FillOutAForm enables you to fill out either a scanned form or a PDF form on your computer and print it (or the original form with your entries). Formulas can be entered, so you can do your taxes with it.

Copynicus – added 1/7/2006

Copynicus is a clipboard capturing utility i.e. whenever you ‘copy’ or ‘cut’ a piece of Text or Graphic – it automatically grabs it and places it on its own clipboard. Copynicus can keep the record of unlimited’cut’ or ‘copy’ operations (limited only to your free hard disk space). You can merge the selected captures into one file. Copynicus can capture text and images from any application that exhibit ‘cut’ ot ‘copy’ operations. It can also handle custom clipboard format data.

ClipX – added 12/13/2005

ClipX allows to to save and reload your clipboard items for future use. ClipX can store text as well as images and even has a plugin that keeps a list of permanent entries at the bottom of your history.

Quick Text – added 12/1/2005

Globi’s Quick Text is a tiny MS Windows application that sits in your task tray and allows you to paste commonly used text into the current application with the click of a button – much the same way that you insert a signature into your emails.

Clipboard Helper – added 11/9/2005

Clipboard Helper saves all text fragments that you have copied to clipboard and will save them in a single file. With Clipboard Helper you will save half of your time when you have a lot of copy/paste action to do. For example if you have 20 web pages opened and you have to copy text from them you must do a copy operation then a paste operation for each page. If you start Clipboard Helper, you don’t have to do all that 20 paste operations. Clipboard Helper will put toghether all text fragments that you have copied to clipboard and will save them in a single file.

Clipping Around – added 11/7/2005

Clipping Around lets you control all your text notes copied in the clipboard. It allows for clipboard data to be copied to note files, with an exact time record of when it was copied from the clipboard.

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