clipboard utilities

PhraseExpress – added 6/2/2005

PhraseExpress stores such often used text phrases and inserts them into any application (e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet browser forms, etc.) in a snap. Additionally, PhraseExpress can run programs, open documents or even perform useful tasks like cleaning your browser from cookies, temporary files and history. It also works great in a network environment.

Clipboard Recorder – added 6/2/2005

Clipboard Recorder can record what you have copied/cut to the clipboard. You can paste the same item by selecting from the list of records without repeating copying/cutting the same item from its original place. It provides multiple clipboards.

YC3 – added 6/2/2005

YC3 acts as a powerful Windows clipboard extender/memory- now in its third generation. Handles Pictures, Richtext, URLS, etc – any size. Features printing, drag and drop, optional permanent storage of clippings. Familiar ‘Outlook’ interface.

Clipboard Magic – added 3/27/2005

Clipboard Magic – a Windows clipboard enhancement utility. It can dramatically enhance your productivity when cutting and pasting text or for filling in web forms.

Editor ClipCollect – added 4/17/2005

ClipCollect acts as a personal database for text snippets and a website builder. Gathering data with ClipCollect means creating a website automatically. Furthermore ClipCollect can convert any directory contents of your hard drive to HTML and build a complete website out of it with only 3 mouse clicks.

Hamsin Clipboard – added 4/28/2005

Hamsin Clipboard allows: tracking clipboard history of the last ten clips which can be later, returned back to the clipboard or directly pasted into applications, pasting several copied clips automatically one after another or merged together, and saving favorite clips for future pasting.

ArsClip – added 2/12/2008

ArsClip monitors the clipboard and keeps track of the entries. Press a configurable hotkey and select an item (or items) to quickly paste into a program. ArsClip remembers the last 15 (default) or more text entries entered into the Window’s clipboard and can be configured to monitor non-text items.

DzSoft Paste & Save – added 7/25/2004

DzSoft Paste & Save can save pieces of text on the Clipboard for reuse, before you accidentally overwrite it. It allows to sort the text into three files. Can save all copied text automatically. Has a handy floating toolbar.

CLCL – added 12/26/2004

CLCL offers a clipboard caching utility that lets you monitor your clipboard and automatically save all the data transferred through it. It supports all clipboard formats, from as simple as plain text to images and OLE objects.

Ditto – added 7/26/2004

Ditto is an extension to the standard windows clipboard. It saves each item placed on the clipboard allowing you access to any of those items at a later time. Ditto allows you to save unlimited amounts of any type of information that can be put on the clipboard, text, images, html, custom formats. Keep multiple computer’s clipboards in sync. Copy data on computer A and paste on computer B.

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