data backup

Rapid Backup – added 7/25/2005

Rapid Backup safeguards your data by copying it to a storage location. Currently, it copies data to a local file system like a hard disk, ZIP disk, or floppy disk; in the future, it will support others like FTP sites or tape drives.

SyncBack – added 7/23/2005

Easily backup or synchronize your important files to another drive, directory, or network. Highly configurable, but extremely simple to use. Integrated with Windows Scheduler to automate backups.

myEasySync – added 7/16/2005

myEasySync – a data backup software program to synchronize two folders. At startup you will see a dialog where you can select two folders and some settings. The settings will be saved in a shortcut on your desktop, so you can easily perform certain backup tasks.

DFIncBackup – added 7/10/2005

DFIncBackup can backup to: removable drives (CDRW, floppy, ZIP, etc), local hard disk, network, get full compatible ZIP archives format, use wizards and templates for quick backup project creation, and use incremental and differential backups as well.

Tarylynn – added 6/29/2005

Tarylynn synchronises two folders and all subfolders within. Good for a quick backup to a network drive, or copying files to a laptop. No need to spend time trying to setup a windows briefcase. Because Tarylynn does not depend on a database like briefcase does, backups are more portable, and there is no single point of failure. If files exist on both sides, the file modified dates are compared and the newer one is copied across. When deleting, files existing on both sides are ignored regardless of modified dates. Tarylynn can even be scripted for automatic running. Useful for periodic backups, or for copying default user settings for software installation. Tarylynn also comes with a simple FTP mode. Great for updating webpages or accessing work servers when at home.

MicroBackup2005 – added 6/26/2005

MicroBackup2005 is the easiest and fastest data backup software tool you have ever seen. MicroBackup2005 is a handy backup tool that makes ZIP archives of any folders you want. You just make a list of folders and MicroBackup2005 will automatically make backups of your files. Simple to operate, but flexible enough to meet your backup demands. MicroBackup2005 can auto-start, run hidden, run on schedule and manually. You can include system/hidden files, choose to backup changed files only or turn compression on/off.

ThirdDir – added 6/17/2005

An unusual directory-synchronizer – the different files are copied to third directory. It is very useful to extract e.g. new or edited photos from a huge directory tree on fixed disk to temporary folder, then add them to archive CD (note – the original files are compared against the CD).

ScriptCopy – added 6/11/2005

ScriptCopy allows you to do batch copy functions, primarily for automated backing up of files to a network or external drive (in tandem with windows scheduler), by specifying the copy jobs in an Ini file. A rich set of copy options are available for complete control over tasks with support for incremental backups, extension inclusion and exclusion, date appendage and archive flag support. Experience with editing of INI files is recommended.

HDCopy – added 6/3/2005

With HDCopy you can make an identical copy of a hard drive onto another hard drive. If you buy a new hard drive and don’t wish to change your Windows configuration in any way, you can use HDCopy to copy your old hard drive completely to the new one. HDCopy is a perfect tool to backup hard drive data.

NSCopy – added 6/3/2005

NSCopy allows you to select a list of source directories and a target, and to specify a maximum throughput. A perfect soultion for synchronizing a stream machine without overloading the network’s traffic.

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