data backup

Handy Backup – added 7/23/2005

Handy Backup gives one an easy-to-use yet powerful backup program. It makes an automatic backup of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media: floppy disk, hard drive, network drive, or a remote FTP server. You only need to setup it once and it will monitor changes and execute scheduled backups and synchronizations at the time you specify. Strong file encryption, password protection and zip compression on the fly and many other features will protect your valuable data.

BackupLatest – added 7/23/2005

BackupLatest if one of very few (if not the only one) backup software that allows you to automatically back up the most recently created or modified files ordered by modification date. This means that if you create a new document it will automatically be backed up once you run BackupLatest without the necessity of adding your new file to a list of files that need to be backed up. Because the files are backed up according to their modifiaction date you do not need to worry about the capacity of your backup media. Even if you are backing up just to a 3.5-inch diskette you can be assured that 1.44 Mb of your most recent files will be backed up.

EZBack-it-up – added 7/23/2005

EZBack-it-up makes for a good a personal file data backup utility. It is designed to be very easy to learn and use. It is not an archival tool that compresses all your files and folders into one file but instead, it copies your data to a destination of your choice where you can readily access your backed up files any time you need.

SimpleBackup – added 5/28/2005

SimpleBackup works as a barebones data backup software designed for complete ease of use. Takes the hassle out of backing up work and important files.

VersionBackup – added 5/21/2005

VersionBackup fuctions as an advanced file backup system, which creates backup copies from your changed files each day backup archive system for single user PCs and networks.

Copy At – added 6/22/2006

Copy At copies or moves files and directories from one directory to another at a scheduled time. Great tool for unattended moving of files and directories late at night or after a certain amount of time.

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