disk cloning software

Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition – added 2/11/2008

The Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition offers a powerful virtualization technology that completely mirrors your actual computer setup and it can create a virtual storage disk within your PC where you can save documents, data, and files while using the System Protection feature.

DriveLook – added 2/9/2007

DriveLook provides you with a powerful forensic disk investigation tool, which enables you to index a hard drive for all text that was ever written to it, browse a list of all words stored on the drive, search for words or combinations of words, view the location of words or in a disk editor, and access remote drives over serial cable or TCP/IP.

Game XP – added 2/5/2007

Game XP is intended to optimize the performance of your computer for gaming needs. It tweaks and modifies various XP settings (cache settings, CPU priority etc.) and optionally disables or stops several Windows services that are usually not needed. Game XP extends your operating system’s capabilities and makes Windows faster.

DiskInternals Linux Reader for Windows – added 1/10/2007

DiskInternals Linux Reader is a new easy way to get safe and quick access to alternative file systems. DiskInternals Linux Reader for Windows plays the role of a bridge between your Windows and Ext2/Ext3 Linux file systems. This easy-to-use tool runs under Windows and allows you to browse Ext2/Ext3 Linux file systems and extract files from there.

Roadkil’s Sector Editor – added 1/10/2007

Roadkil’s Sector Editor allows displaying, editing, printing and searching of disks by invidual sectors. The information can be displayed and edited in both ASCII or hexadecimal. Sectors can be copied and exported to files.

HD-Workbench – added 1/9/2007

HD Workbench can evacuate data from a potentially failing disk to a ‘known to be good’ disk by creating a sector by sector copy (including the MBR, partition tables and boot sectors), or by writing the data to a raw disk image file.

Raw Copy – added 1/9/2007

Raw Copy copies a disk as a raw image from one drive directly to another and is particularly designed for people who have faulty drives and want to transfer the data directly to another drive without doing a file by file copy. This saves the need for operating system re-installs and allows drives with an unknown file system to be copied (including from console game machines, data recorders, mac etc). The program has a built in data recovery function which will attempt to recover data from bad sectors to ensure all the available data is restored from the drive.

Scrounge NTFS – added 1/10/2007

Scrounge NTFS is a data recovery program for NTFS file systems that reads each block of the hard disk to and retrieves rebuilds file system tree on another partition.

SelfImage – added 1/8/2007

SelfImage allows for a hard disk imaging utility which is capable of making an image file of a hard disk or hard disk partition, and can restore an image back to any drive or partition that doesn’t have open files. Useful for making backups. Unlike dd for Windows (or cygwin), SelfImage is capable of creating an image of a partition that is currently in use.

Disk Investigator – added 1/4/2007

Disk Investigator helps you to discover all that is hidden on your computer hard disk. It can also help you to recover lost data. Display the true drive contents by bypassing the operating system and directly reading the raw drive sectors. View and search raw directories, files, clusters, and system sectors. Verify the effectiveness of file and disk wiping programs. Undelete previously deleted files.

Virtual Drive Creator – added 10/10/2006

The DOS SUBST command is a very powerful tool, even in Windows. It allows you to use a single (available) drive letter to specify a path which could be any number of folders deep, e.g. “c:\folder1\folder2\folder 3….\folder” (it’s been tested to 10 levels). Virtual Drive Creator (VDC) does exactly the same thing.

Alcohol 52% Free Edition – added 9/26/2006

Alcohol 52% Free Edition allows users to play CDs DVDs without the need for the physical disc. Notebook users and PC Game players can benifit the most from Alcohol 52% Free Edition which supports 25 languages and can handle up to 6 virtual CD DVD-ROM drives, all at once! It reads the speed of a virtual CD-ROM at 200X. This means you can play a CD from the virtual CD-ROM with the same 200X read speed. Alcohol 52% Free Edition supports normal CD DVD and CD RAW sub-channel reading methods: RAW reading method enables to emulate all CDs.

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