disk cloning software

Virtual CD Manager – added 8/4/2006

With Virtual CD Manager you can manage your lots of image files of CD/DVD (*.ISO) with database, and can open them like in a physical CD-ROM , write memo, search etc, it’s very easily and burn them into CD/DVD directly.

Drive Manager – added 8/3/2006

Drive Manager can be placed on your desktop to be used as an alternative to the “My-Computer” shortcut. It can also be used to hide drives from explorer. Double clicking on a drive will open it in explorer. The current version can create substitute drive letters for local folders.

Dead Disk Doctor – added 7/19/2006

Dead Disk Doctor – allows for the copying files from scratched or damaged CD, DVD disks, unreadable Floppy and Hard Drives or other media. It replaces lost data with random bytes reading files by expandable blocks.

DescExt – added 7/19/2006

DescExt is an extension to the Windows 9x/ME or Windows NT 4/2000 explorer to show 4DOS descriptions. It hooks into the context menu and the property sheet of any file or folder of any explorer window. You can edit the description in the Description tab of the property sheet. If there is a description available, DescExt shows it in quotation marks in the context menu.

Virtual CloneDrive – added 2/23/2006

Virtual CloneDrive enables you to deploy CD/DVD applications from your hard disk with no more need for the use of physical CD/DVD drives, or even the actual CD/DVD media. Virtual CloneDrive works and behaves just like a physical DVD drive, although it only exists virtually.

WinImage – added 5/26/2005

WinImage is a powerful disk cloning utility that enables users to create disk images from removable drive (like USB drive), CD-ROM, floppy disks. It can extract files from image files, create empty image files, write the image files on blank floppy disks, and more! WinImage also supports many different standard and non-standard image formats, including the Microsoft DMF format.

TreeCopy – added 3/10/2005

TreeCopy provides a cloning utility that will allow you to select the “from directory” and “into directory”, and it will proceed to copy ONLY the directory structure. The utility is bundled with functionality such as a command line interface, calculate directories, Windows XP look and more.

USBDLM – added 1/26/2006

USBDLM is a USB Drive Letter Manager utility that enables to define a list of drive letters to use for new removable drives. When a removable drive (USB flash drive, card reader, harddisk) is attached for the first time, Windows mounts it to the first free drive letter. You can change the letter in the Windows Disk Management Console with a lot of mouse clicks but you have to do it again for every new device.

vSubst – added 1/19/2006

Creates drive-letters for any folders on your harddisk. Useful to create virtual drives e.g. on laptops. It allows easy removal of all virtual folders (= Visual 32-Bit-SUBST-Command).

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