file compression

1’st ZipCommander – added 12/9/2008

1’st ZipCommander is a multifunctional file compression zip program for creating and managing archive files. 1’st ZipCommander can manage your archive files (Packing Center), you can browse the internet (Internet Browser with 10 windows), and you can do basic windows file managing (File Commander).

Zipeg – added 1/17/2008

Zipeg functions as a free multiplatform zip compression utility that allows you to open and explore content of zip, rar and other archives, preview files and images before you extract/unzip them. Extract only the files you want. Zip thru photo archives. See image thumbnails. Zipeg allows you to decide what do you want to extract. You can choose what to extract and where to put extracted files or just drag and drop them. Zipeg handles ZIP, RAR, 7z, ARJ, LHA, TGZ, TAR and many many more.

Universal Extractor – added 12/18/2006

Universal Extractor extracts files from any type of archive, whether it’s a simple zip file, an installation program, or even a Windows Installer (.msi) package. (under “open source”)

PIM Archiver – added 9/12/2006

PIM is a free and useful file compression utility with a high compression ratio. This program operates with a completely new PIM file format supporting the multimedia compression with special compression for executable, audio and image files.

Rip-Zip – added 4/11/2006

Rip-Zip acts as a file zipping and un-zipping utility that can batch operations on separate zip files and extract the contents individually, such that it will operate on several files in succession without having to manually open each one. Rip-Zip can also do the opposite operation – create several separate zip files from a list of files. It’s not as sophisticated as WinZip or Power Archiver, but it’s free.

Muzip – added 2/23/2006

Muzip gives you an archiver which supports many formats: Zip, Tar, GZip, UUE, and all formats are available for reading and writing: you can uncompress but create your own archives too in Zip, Tar, GZip and UUE formats, and self-extracting archives with less than 16 Kb in addition of the Zip archive size. You can compress an entire directory without only certain files, use a separate compression rate according to the files type, and more.

MyZippa – added 10/11/2005

MyZippa handles batch archiving on the fly. MyZippa features it’s own internal ZIP64 compatible format and also supports WinRAR (.RAR), 7-ZIP (.7Z), and WinZip, giving you complete control over your archives. If you find yourself archiving the same folders frequently and selecting the same options, MyZippa will save you hours of time. Once you’ve added all your folders and selected your archiving options, you can save them to a profile which can be easily loaded and executed or scheduled via Windows Scheduled Tasks.

AutoCompress – added 8/6/2005

AutoCompress scans files evaluating their compressabilty (or current compression ratio), and compresses them (or decompresses them) if they meet certain criteria; namely the date since modifitcation, compression ratio, and file size.

Alzip – added 8/2/2005

ALZip offers a zip utility which features: 35 archive and compression file formats, open CD burning file formats: ISO and BIN, open virtual CD files: LCD, password retrieval, create SFX (EXE) file for free, create spanned archives over 2600 volumes, unlimited archive size with ALZ,and more.

Zip&Go – added 7/20/2005

With Zip&Go, creating new Zip files is only one single mouse click away. It features no less than five ways to make an archive including a helpful wizard. Zip&Go is fully integrated with Windows Explorer, which includes the possibility to use the feature “Zip & E-Mail”, as well as making all your settings directly from the Windows Explorer menu – all just by one single mouse click.

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