file management

Java File Manager – added 11/9/2006

Java File Manager, a Commander-like file manager is written in Java, and supports filesystem plugins to be written for it. By offering a simple and straight-forward API, new plugins can be written very easily, extending the application.

JCommander – added 10/30/2006

JCommander is a next generation file manager targeted to be powerful and flexible. Being multi-platform and distributed under an open-source license, it is freely usable on virtually any platform and operating system.

Metaexplore – added 7/20/2006

Metaexplore can be used as a simple file manager, that can also be used to identify files, view metadata of files and possibly edit this metadata. Some of the features of this software include: extract and view metadata from about 20 major files formats and identifies about more than 120+ file formats and view all directories and sub-directories as a single flat file listing, which permits easy searching, editing and classification.

tabbyFile – added 6/21/2006

Looking for a minimalist file explorer for Windows without the bloat and obscure features of the more fancy explorer replacements? With tabbyFile the need to constantly open My Computer to get at your files will vainsh. A useful tool for programmers or any one who consistantly finds themself opening, re-opening, and click-navigating to the files and folders they need to access and use most often. tabbyFile incorporates the convenience of a tabbed interface, bookmarks and tab sets, yet it uses the resources of a single shell folder.

Oxpus – added 3/16/2006

Oxpus works as a file manager for Windows (and Linux) that enables easy and fast file operations between and in directories. Instead of a single browser like in Windows Explorer, Oxpus has two fixed browsers for easier and faster management between directories.

HyperExplorer – added 7/3/2004

HyperExplorer works as a file system bookmark manager that allows you to navigate your disks and folders with unprecedented ease. As well as its unique book marking system, HyperExplorer is a dual window file manager almost identical to Windows Explorer.

Gyula’s Navigator – added 2/8/2006

Gyula’s Navigator – another 32-bit Norton Commander clone for all Windows platforms. You can see two folders parallel that makes the file operations much easier. Its keyboard layout is compatible with the famous predecessors.

CubicExplorer – added 1/16/2006

CubicExplorer offers powerful file management software. CubicExplorer is designed to be easy to use yet powerful to handle multiple directorys at the same time. It uses tabbed browsing and has a build-in text editor which has highlighters for many different file types.

SurF File Manager – added 12/15/2005

SurF – yet another tabbed file manager which supports typed shortcuts and groups, where files are divided by groups based on their extensions. SurF can also create icons from from image files, and user defined favorite folders for quick access to commonly used folders.

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