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Tag Converter – added 3/27/2006

Tag Converter is a conversion utility that can easily export from Adobe InDesign and Adobe PageMaker layout files to the Web. Tag Converter processes text export files, which are exported from PageMaker and InDesign. The program works on plain text files with format tags. These format tags are converted to HTML tags. Tag Converter can process files in batch mode.

Strip_logs – added 3/20/2006

Strip_logs can open a text log file and remove or keep lines containing one of the strings the user inputs. The strings can be saved when exiting, so you don’t have to retype them each time. Strip_logs is perfect to manipulate server log files like apache logs, email server logs ftp server logs etc.

LockFile – added 2/27/2006

LockFile can be used to predictably corrupt and then repair a file. You can use this to add an additional layer of security to password protected zip files and other types of encrypted files. It is a good idea to use multiple types of protection like this where possible.

JeniuS – added 2/14/2006

JeniuS – the universal file organizer that lets you organize your files in macro categories (audio, video, images…) and micro categories (author, genre, album, movie, photo, icon…). Files can be inserted into user-defined albums (i.e.: a music files collection) or into automatically generated ones. For every album you can specify the artist’s name, a short description, an image (i.e.: the CD cover or the movie poster), the year and the gender.

Replace and Rename – added 2/9/2006

Replace and Rename allows you to perform both file renaming AND text replacing in one easy batch file from one “keyword” import file. Replace and Rename works with files from directories and subdirectories. All that you need is to select directory (or directories) with files which you want to process. It also processes single selected files too.

Dup Detector – added 1/16/2006

Dup Detector finds duplicate and near duplicate images by opening and reading image pixel data. Large collections and large image file sizes can slow Dup Detector but it works well running in the background. Large image collections often are filled with duplicate images under different names. Use Dup Detector to clean them. DupDetector reads 9 image file types from a folder or its subfolders or from an image list.

DelinvFile – added 12/19/2005

DelinvFile gives one a file utility used to delete data files that you have not been able to delete using the normal Windows Delete function. You could use the phrase ‘delete undeletable files’ to describe the program.

Directory Lister – added 12/17/2005

Directory Lister generates listings of files from user-selected directories on hard disks, cd-roms, floppys, usb storages etc. The listing can be in HTML, TXT or CSV format. It is like old dir command, but much more convenient.

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