file tools

Dirhtml – added 3/11/2008

Dirhtml creates a portable, registry green file listing solution that builds customizable html files from a folder branch using the gui or command line.

Piky Basket – added 2/27/2008

Piky Basket provides a file organization software which is created to save your time and effort when working with files and folders in Windows. With Piky Basket, you can reduce repetitive tasks when copying/moving files and folders in Windows. Piky Basket allows you to select files/folders in to a “basket” from different locations. Once you are done selecting, you can paste them all at once to the target folders. It also allows you to selectively paste the files to the target folder.

Handy File Tool – added 8/2/2007

Handy File Tool (HFT) makes for a very fast and simple file manager. HFT has some internal utilities such as Renamer, Replacer and Finder. HFT has utilities necessary for webmasters, programmers and anybody who is concerned with computers. Imagine that you need to process hundreds of files. It would take you many hours to do this manually.

TextCrawler – added 7/27/2007

TextCrawler is simply a fantastic tool for anyone who works with text files. This program enables you to instantly find and replace words and phrases across multiple files and folders. It utilises a powerful regular expression engine to enable you to create sophisticated searches.

Locked Files Wizard – added 7/24/2007

Locked Files Wizard (formerly CopyLock) gives you a small program that allows replacing, moving, renaming or deleting one or many files which are currently in use (e.g. system files like comctl32.dll, or virus/trojan files.)

ReplaceStr – added 4/24/2007

ReplaceStr is a command-line utility console filter (Uses console standard Input and Output) that replaces a string with another string. Very useful when you want to parse a text file and replace strings in it.

CountLn – added 4/23/2007

CountLn – a Win32 command-line utility that counts lines in text files. It supports all types of text files (DOS/Windows, Unix, Mac) by detecting all types of End-Of-Line delimiters (CR-LF for DOS/Windows, LF for Unix and CR for Mac).

File Trimmer – added 3/16/2007

File Trimmer, like the popular tool for P2P programs that allows you to chop a certain amount of data from the end of a file. You get to choose between how many bytes/kbyes/mbs/gbs you chop, and a backup file is created. Useful for corrupt single-source downloads on P2P networks.

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