file tools

Huge Small File – added 2/2/2007

Huge Small File functions as a file creation application which creates fake huge files on a NTFS disk which can be shared using common filesharing clients like DC++. Using Huge Small File you can saftly share legal content.

Dir2html – added 12/21/2006

Dir2html creates a HTML file (webpage) of the files in the current directory. Create within a second a complete download webpage of your files, and W3C 3.2 complaint. It uses an INI file for customizing the output.

CopyNew – added 11/15/2006

CopyNew is a file change notification utility to quickly determine which files have changed. I use it to synchronize my PC with the webservers, and my PC at home and my PC at work.

MRU-Blaster – added 11/7/2006

MRU-Blaster allows for one large task – to detect and clean MRU (most recently used) lists on your computer. These MRU lists contain information such as the names and/or locations of the last files you have accessed. They are located ALL OVER your registry, and for almost ANY file type. By looking at these MRU lists, someone could determine what files you opened/saved/looked at, what their file names were, and much more! (And, in many cases, the lists are displayed in drop-down menus automatically.)

Rename*us – added 10/31/2006

Rename*us – a file group renaming utility which allows to change an extension and/or specify a numeric schema for file names.

File Partitioner – added 10/3/2006

File partitioner is a little program used to break a large file into a set of smaller files. It can be useful if you have to send a big file via email and the destination account has a limited space in MB (like hotmail…), or if you have to save a big file on multiple floppy disks.

MoveOnBoot – added 9/14/2006

MoveOnBoot copies, moves or deletes files and folders on the next system boot. MoveOnBoot is very useful when the user needs to replace or delete files which are locked by other applications, loaded into the memory or just cannot be changed until next system boot. (they offer the last free version of MoveOnBoot at the bottom of the page)

Dr. Delete – added 9/14/2006

Dr. Delete works as a file utility that can delete locked files which are in use, like index.dat, dll files, and spyware components, by scheduling their deletion at the next boot.

Locked Files Wizard – added 9/12/2006

The Locked Files Wizard (LFW), formerly CopyLock, is a simple assistant that allows you to either replace, move, delete or rename one or more files or folders which are in use by the system or any running process.

SetFileDate – added 9/11/2006

SetFileDate – a file utility to alter the time and date of one or more selected files. There’s several such utilities available, but we’ve found most of them to be too large, too complex or too expensive.

BetaSys Data Extractor – added 9/7/2006

BetaSys Data Extractor is a data extraction software for extracting data from a variety of sources. Example scenarios could be extracting email addresses from the web or harddisk, parsing email which contain special data for automation purposes, etc.

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