file tools

PowerNamer – added 3/2/2006

PowerNamer – the file renamer with a simple wizard interface that lets you rename multiple files in a directory and is great for numbering files or removing spaces.

ListXP – added 2/24/2006

ListXP functions as a light-weight, high-performance file viewer for Windows. It works with any file that you have access to and will display the data exactly as it was stored on the disk. Advanced features like boolean expression searches and “tailing” make ListXP the premiere file viewer for Windows.

HDCleaner – added 5/14/2004

HDCleaner provides a hard drive cleaner that you can use to remove space wasting files from your PC. It comes with a variety of presets that allow you to safely remove the most common files like .temp, .bak, gid and more. You can configure additional file types as well as custom folder locations.

WinMerge – added 11/15/2004

WinMerge is an Open Source visual text file differencing and merging tool for Win32 platforms. It is highly useful for determing what has changed between project versions, and then merging changes between versions.

Rename Regular Expression – added 1/13/2006

If you need to rename a number of files in complicated ways, RenameRegEx can do it. Rename Regular Expression uses regular expressions to match a specific pattern of text and renames files using case sensitive reg expressions, group expressions, numerical sequencing and global replace actions.

CheckFolder – added 12/26/2005

CheckFolder is a simple tool, that allows you to check if all files in a folder or drive can be read. It can be used to find corrupted files. CheckFolder validates the integrity of files in a folder or drive. It can come in handy when you need to verify that all files copied to a CD or DVD are readable.

InternetFileSize – added 12/7/2005

Have you ever encountered an http:// or ftp:// link with unknown file sizes? Sometimes, the file size is determined incorrectly. But that is a not problem with Internet File Size. Now you can easily determine the file size, type and modification date on the internet. Moreover, if your base http or ftp link is “encoded” (such as, the Internet File Size shows the real file http or ftp path!

ViewAnything – added 11/21/2005

ViewAnything shows the raw-data contents of any file, along with every character’s numeric value in decimal or hexadecimal.

TxtPrint – added 11/19/2005

TxtPrint offers a small application designed mainly for one purpose: Printing out text files. By numerous settings, you will have precise control over the output. TxtPrint can be used to print all kinds of text files, but I think programmers printing out source code will appreciate the features most. The main advantage with TxtPrint compared to standard text editors is the ability to divide the page in several columns and rows. This is very useful for saving paper and getting more text on a single paper. An additional feature is to handle files with different file extensions differently. You can for example define that files with a certain file extension always should be printed using a predefined tab spacing.

FileMaid – added 11/18/2005

FileMaid allows you to search local or remote drives and folders for unused files. Search either by last access date or last modify date. Navigate through the unused files in an intuitive Explorer-like interface and select files and folders for backup and deletion or export the file names to Excel. Extensive help file with step-by-step guides included.

FreeFile – added 11/14/2005

When you try to delete, remove or rename files or folders you may get the following error messages: “Cannot delete file: Access is denied.”, “Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.”, etc. This often indicates that the file has been locked by a process – but what process? Use FreeFile to find the process and free your file by terminating the process.

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