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Replace in Files – added 11/9/2005

While editing HTML files, it is common to replace specific strings in all files with the same extension in the same folder. “Replace in Files” makes it easy to accomplish this task. “Replace in Files” quickly replaces strings matching your search string with the replacement you specify. You can specify whether replaces are case sensitive or not, and whether to make backups before executing the search and replace. The “Replace in Files” program is very small so it won’t waste your hard-disk space or system resources.

Hilitext – added 11/9/2005

Hilitext, a free text highlighting software which instantly highlights all occurrences of specific words, phrases etc. in your web pages, e-mail messages and/or other documents at your request. It helps you seek information more quickly and hence saves you a lot of valuable searching time.

QuickPar – added 11/7/2005

QuickPar is a utility for creating Parity Volumes using the Reed Solomon algorithm. Parity Volumes may be used to verify that a set of files have not been corrupted, or to reconstruct damaged files (providing that you have a sufficient quantity of Parity Volumes to match the missing or damaged files).

YourDir – added 10/25/2005

YourDir is used to print Windows directory/folders structure and optionally file listing. It can also create Jpeg file of a directory/folders structure.

GSplit – added 10/23/2005

GSplit – a file splitter that lets you split your large files (like Self-Extracting, Zip archives, multimedia, song, music, picture, document files…) into a set of smaller files called pieces.

ARen Batch Renamer – added 10/20/2005

ARen work by renaming multiple files or folders at once. It can use several different methods for calculating the new name including multimedia tools for sound and picture files. This program is perfect for arranging personal photos and music before burning them to cd-rom or MP3 player.

Ant Renamer – added 10/17/2005

Ant Renamer makes the renaming of lots of files and folders by using specified settings much easier, and it supports Unicode names!

File Type Detector – added 10/16/2005

File Type Detector tries to detect the type of a given file, even if the file has a wrong, or no extension (similar to the unix command “file”)..

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