KIBase QuickPad – added 4/12/2006

KIBase QuickPad works as a system accelerator tool — an application launcher. It enables you launch Windows applications within just a single click or a key stroke.

Trip – added 3/31/2006

Trip will instantly present you with a free-floating text input field when a hotkey is pressed. From there you can type URLs or ‘quicksearch’ URLs like those that appear in Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can also use Trip to launch regular executable files/shortcuts as you would using the windows Run dialogue. Opening Trip is faster and less obtrusive than waiting for your browser to open and finding its URL field (the Trip textfield is automatically selected for you).

Folder Cruiser Pro – added 3/9/2006

Folder Cruiser Lite, is designed as a quick launch file browser that puts an icon in the system tray on your computer that displays with a list of the folders you have added to this menu. When you place your mouse over one these menu items, a new menu will be displayed that lists the contents of that folder. If there are a large number of items in a folder they can be sorted and grouped by name. When you move your mouse over one of these group menu items, another menu will be displayed listing the items within the folder that start with the letter listed on the group menu item. You can: Click on any file to open it, Double-click on any folder open it, and Right click on a file or folder to display the Windows Explorer context menu. This gives you the power of Windows Explorer from an easy-to-use menu in your system tray.

MobyDock – added 8/25/2005

MobyDock DX is a fully customizable launchbar & taskbar program that allows you to control your applications and folders while displaying some cool mouse-over animations. It can check your POP mail account, displays thumbnails for the running applications, displays popup menus for your favorite media-player allowing to control it from the dock itself, as well as a functional Clock and Recycle Bin etc. The integrated Microsoft Messenger support, weather checker, auto-focus and several other features will help you to explore, interact and keep your system under control in a fast and acessible way.

Screen Launcher – added 9/24/2005

Screen Launcher lets you choose any program to run as a screensaver. You could start a Powerpoint, a movie or any EXE or associated file. To install, simply unzip, right-click and click Install on the context menu. You can then use Screen Launcher just like any other screensaver.

RunFast – added 3/18/2004

RunFast is a program launcher/command tool for Windows that allows you to quickly launch programs, files, folders, Websites, and more. It supports aliases, which allows you to create custom commands.

Winlaunch – added 1/31/2006

Winlaunch will allow you to launch programs, documents, folders, websites and email addresses (composing only) by the use of custom shortcut keys, that could be something like Ctrl+F1. Shortcuts created can be access from any area within windows, even when using other programs.

ProgramLaunch – added 1/25/2006

ProgramLaunch offers a simple and easy to use application launchbar for the Windows operating systems. Initially made as a tool to circumvent the anoying start menu, ProgramLaunch is completely redesigned from scratch to improve flexibility and performance, and, make everyday use as a launcher as comfortable as possible. Programs are added either through a dialog or by dragging links from Windows onto the launchpad. Organizing the programs is also done easily by dragging the icons and groups around.

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