partition tools

Partition Saving – added 5/31/2005

Partition Saving works as a DOS partition tool that is used to save, restore and copy hard-drive, partitions, floppy disk and DOS devices. With this program you could save all data on a partition to a file (such as you could save this file on a CD for example). Then if something goes wrong, you can completely restore the partition from the backup file. You no longer have to reinstall every piece of software from scratch. All you have to do is restore the partition from the backup file and then update any software that was modified since the backup was created.

SwissKnife – added 5/31/2005

If you are looking for an external hard disk drive solution that can be used interchangeably between Windows XP, Windows 98, Mac OS and Linux, there is only one way to prepare the hard disk and SwissKnife does it for you. You can create, delete and format partitions on your hard disk drives in one smooth, simple process. While the product has been tested up to 400GB, SwissKnife should support hard disks of up to 2048GB. SwissKnife allows creation of FAT32 & NTFS partitions. FAT16 option is provided for compatibility. Supports Internal interfaces such as IDE and SCSI and External interfaces such as Hi-Speed USB, Parallel port, PCMCIA, USB On-The-Go, Firewire, SATA interfaces etc. SwissKnife creates Fixed and Removable Disk Format types.

Ranish Partition Manager – added 5/31/2005

Perhaps the most popular partition resizing software, Ranish Partition Manager, gives users high level of control for running multiple operating systems, such as Linux, Windows 98/XP, FreeDOS, and FreeBSD on a single disk.Partition Manager can create, copy, and resize primary and extended partitions. It includes command line interface and simulation mode that works with large files so you can safely experiment before working on the real hard drive partition tables.

Partition Resizer – added 5/31/2005

Partition Resizer was first program to resize and move partitions without data loss, is now more complete, with support for disks up to 2TB of size. Partition Resizer is a small DOS executable, which requires no installation, and can perform, all these tasks in a short while, giving you the opportunity to re-arrange your partitions safely, quickly and fuss-free.

Delpart – added 5/31/2005

Here’s a partition tool useful when you need to clear NTFS partitions from NT or W2K drives and reinstall Windows 95/98/Millennium. Place Delpart on your boot floppy and run it to delete the NT partitions which defy Fdisk.exe. Then reboot and use fdisk to create your Windows partitions.

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