shell utilities

XP-Utilities – added 6/28/2006

XP-Utilities provides a complete suite of invaluable utilities for the Windows XP Platform. With XP-Utilities you get 23 handy utilities that make it easy for you to really take control of your operating system,From performance tweaks and routine maintenance related tasks to complete system monitoring and security settings.

FloatMenu – added 6/1/2006

FloatMenu places a very small, stay-on-top menu on the Desktop. Use it to launch up to 66 of your favorite programs or folders. Left-click it to bring up a menu of selected shortcuts, while a right-click pops up the options menu. FloatMenu initially appears in the upper-right-hand corner of the desktop, but you can move it wherever you like and select to save position.

CMenuExtender – added 4/29/2006

CMenuExtender is a shell extension that lets the user add items to the Explorer contextmenu. Using any registry-editor or the supplied GUI, the user can add submenus and items such as shortcuts to programs, documents, folders, webpages and scripts. CMExt also has some predefined commands for copying, moving and retrieving information on files and directories.

MinMaxExtender – added 4/29/2006

MinMaxExtender enhances the standard windows, adding new buttons next to the Minimize button in the titlebar. Using the buttons, the user can stretch the window across the screen, hide it to a trayicon, hide all of the window apart from the titlebar or make the window stay on top of others. The user can exclude some windowtypes from beeing extended and choose which buttons to be visible.

Folder Tweaker – added 4/10/2006

Folder Tweaker functions as a shell utility that can edit the folder properties and appearance in Explorer. Using Folder Tweaker, you’re able to change your folders’ background image and icon within seconds. Folder Tweaker also integrates itself to your context menu, which make it easy for you to perform this task whenever you want.

OpenWide – added 3/21/2006

OpenWide was written to avoid a few [more] minor annoyances with Windows. This program allows you to specify the position and size of Windows’ Open and Save dialog boxes, and also to specify where the initial focus should be and which view will be the default.

TuneXP – added 10/8/2005

TuneXP is the single most easy and featured XP tweaker, you’ll ever find. Designed with easy-to-use dropdown menus, it will make your Windows installation go from its sluggish state to a red-blooded, optimized mode.

TClockEx – added 1/26/2006

TClockEx enhances the standard Windows taskbar clock, adding the ability to display the date, time and lots of other information in any format you like. TClockEx is highly customizable, from the format to the font and colour, and even the tooltip information.

SharpE – added 1/10/2006

SharpE acts as a shell replacement for Win2k/XP which is developed in Delphi 6. The goal of the SharpE project is to create a fast, stable and very graphical shell with lots of configuration options. SharpE is an alternative user interface for use with any modern Windows operating system (Windows 2K/XP/2K3). It replaces the Windows shell. (A shell is a program that interfaces directly with the user on one side and with underlying operating system functions on the other side.) Like Windows, the SharpE shell lets you create your own personal user environment on the display screen, but offers many more options for creativity and personalization.

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