shell utilities

Tray Helper – added 1/11/2006

Tray Helper takes only one place next to your tray system clock, ‘eats’ only a little of memory and CPU power and can: quick send colorful e-mails with emoticons, track if, when and how many times your e-mails are read, remind you about all your meetings, important events, birthdays etc., check all your e-mail accounts, auto-delete spam messages, watch your browser’s windows and kill all unwanted pop-ups, and use some of the program’s useful plugins.

PlacesBar Constructor – added 11/16/2005

PlacesBar Constructor is a free utility for Windows ME, 2000, XP and 2003 that allows you to customize the “PlacesBar” that appears on the left side of the Open and Save dialogs in most applications.The PlacesBar is a set of shortcuts to commonly-used folders, but wouldn’t it be more useful if you could determine what “commonly used” means for yourself, instead of letting Microsoft define it for you? That’s where PlacesBar Constructor comes in.

FlyakiteOSX – added 11/11/2005

FlyakiteOSX is a transformation pack for Windows. It will transform the look of an ordinary Windows XP+ system to resemble the look of Mac OS X. The installer simply automates the process of replacing critical system files, setting registry tweaks, and installing extras such as cursors, sounds, visual styles, etc.

Window Manager – added 10/21/2005

Window Manager provides an easy way of window management allowing you to hide window, make window transparent and switch window into the ‘always on top’ mode. The user can manage the Explorer task bar and any window of a started applications. The Window Manager puts the icon to the Explorer system tray and can be configured to start on the Windows startup.

Retrostep – added 10/19/2005

Retrostep is an open source project which aims to bring you a clean and free Litestep compatible shell. Retrostep aims to be flexible, robust, clean and powerful. As a side effect of this, it is probably the most portable open source shell replacement for windows.

Clickie – added 10/11/2005

Clickie is a handy utility that will add 2 new features to the context menu (right click) of Windows Explorer: 1) Copy Path Name: Copies the path of the selected folder or file to the clipboard (as text). You can then paste it wherever you need it. Some software needs the name and path of a file and does not provide any way to browse. 2) Open MS-DOS Prompt: Opens a DOS window in the selected directory. Using Clickie, you don’t need to crawl to the directory you want to work in.

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