shell utilities

Context Magic – added 7/9/2005

Context Magic acts as a Windows Explorer context menu extension that greatly extends functionality of the standard Send To menu and allows to manage files and folders with a few mouse clicks. You can easily copy or move files to your favorite folders, open them with your favorite programs, send by email and lot more. To bring it up, just right-click a file or folder in the Windows Explorer, and point to Context Magic in the pop-up menu.

FastExplorer – added 7/8/2005

FastExplorer allows you to manage context menus items of file objects displayed in a file manager, such as Windows Explorer or any other application that supports shell’s application programming interface. It’s a very simple way to make your often used file actions quickly accessible.

rjhExtensions – added 7/8/2005

rjhExtensions is a simple utility that will add a number of useful functions to the context menu of Windows Explorer. The utility consists of the extensions and an organizer that allows you to control the placement of the extensions.:
Path to clipboard: Copies the path of the selected folder or file to the clipboard. DOS Prompt: Selecting DOS Prompt (Command Prompt in WinNT) opens a DOS window in the selected directory. Shred File(s): Overwrites and then deletes the selected file or files. WARNING: Shredded files cannot be recovered. Rename Files: The Rename Files extension allows you to quickly and easily rename multiple files in multiple folders.

Attribute Changer – added 7/8/2005

Attribute Changer acts as a Windows shell extension and simplifies changing file and folder attributes by adding itself to the context menus for drives, folders and files. Filters and exceptions can be used to fine tune the update process. Attribute Changer features many long awaited enhancements, such as direct access to date and time options, displaying current attributes for selected files and folders and relative date/time adjustments. It also features a multi-language enabled installer.

Ninotech Path Copy – added 7/8/2005

Ninotech Path Copy is a shell extension for Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, and XP that enables to copy the path of a file or directory to the Clipboard. You can then paste the path in to your document, e-mail, etc. You copy the path of a file or directory by right-clicking it in the Windows Explorer and choosing Copy Path from the context menu. The context menu then offers nine standard ways of copying the path, in addition to the user defined copying methods that you create yourself.

xoblite / Blackbox for Windows – added 6/4/2005

xoblite provides a shell replacement for Windows Explorer in the form of an advanced Blackbox for Windows fork with integrated SystemBar and Slit + a whole lot more: hotkey plugins, built-in command scripting, tons of themes, superior rendering capabilities, and more.

Drempels – added 6/4/2005

Drempels makes colorful, swirling, hallucinogenic patterns that resemble a hurricane or tornado. It normally runs in your Windows background or “desktop”, replacing your old still-image wallpaper with gently-animating visuals… and meanwhile, you can use your computer just like you normally would. It uses very little CPU overhead.

ActivIcons – added 6/1/2005

ActivIcons makes it simple to change properties for various icons on your Windows desktop and in Explorer, plus attributes for many other desktop settings. You can save and restore the desktop layout, repair corrupted icons, increase the size of the Windows icon cache to prevent future problems, and much more.

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