shutdown utilities

EMCO Remote Shutdown – added 11/26/2008

EMCO Remote Shutdown allows you to manage the state of the remote PCs. By one click you can make power on/off, shutdown, reboot, logoff, lock/unlock input devices of any single PC or group of PCs in the local network. These actions can be executed according with defined schedules, so you can organize fully automatic power management for your organization. EMCO Remote Shutdown allows prolonging the life of the computer hardware and reducing energy costs.

TaskSwitchXP – added 9/23/2008

TaskSwitchXP is an advanced task management utility that picks up where the standard Windows Alt+Tab switcher leaves off. It provides the same functionality, and adds visual styles to the dialog and also enhances it by displaying thumbnail preview of the application that will be switched to.

BootLog – added 1/31/2007

BootLog logs the boots and shutdowns of Windows and generates several diagrams and makes a login entry in a log file when Windows boots and during a regular shut down it makes a logout entry. If Windows crashes there will not be any logout entry written in the log file, so BootLog can calculate the crash time based on the next login entry. BootLog analyses the log file and generates some diagrams with useful information for instance about the system stability.

ShutDown After – added 12/28/2006

ShutDown After can set timers or assign hotkeys for windows shutdown,restart,log off,hibernate,stand by. This can prove very helpful in situations, when you want your computer to get shutdown,restart log off,hibernate,stand by after completion of some task or you want to perform shutdown operations by just key press.

AutoExit 2007 – added 12/19/2006

AutoExit 2007 is a ‘Shutdown Tool’ which offers a host of new features including: remote shutdown of multiple computers each with their own settings, and AutoExit which adds the capability of shutting down multiple computers each with their own settings.

SmartClose – added 9/13/2006

SmartClose will automate the process of closing all running programs. It can also save the state of the system to a system snapshot, so all the programs that have been closed can be easily restarted later by SmartClose.

Show Stopper – added 7/21/2006

Karen’s Show Stopper allows you to create shortcut icons that quickly Shutdown, Power Off, Reboot, Log Off, Suspend or Hibernate your computer. You can also run the program as a small icon in Windows System Tray, and shutdown Windows by right-clicking on this icon.

Advanced Process Termination – added 7/17/2006

Advanced Process Termination provides nine (9) different process termination techniques – all at the click of a button. Process Guard also has powerful anti-hook capabilities to prevent other programs from hooking critical functions (something often done by trojans to prevent their processes from being seen or terminated). In addition to process termination, APT also allows you to Suspend and Resume processes, and also serves as a useful process list utility.

Lomsel Shutdown – added 6/14/2006

Lomsel Shutdown can automatically perform various frequently used operations like shutdown or restart your computer, disconnect your current dialup connection, hibernate workstation, etc. It also provides fast access to these operations through system tray icon with popup menu. The utility has frendly and a nice looked interface, that allows you to initiate operations mentioned above from your computer. Lomsel Shutdown has a wizard which helps you automate a selected action.

DShutdown – added 3/31/2006

DShutdown offers a shutdown utility that let you schedule the shutdown of a local or remote PC. DShutdown supports several shutdown options and monitor functions such as the option to shutdown a PC when an application terminates, or after compressing several files, or as an option to shutdown a PC when Internet traffic reduces itself to a particular value or after a given amount of time.

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