system information

ServiceView – added 12/27/2003

ServiceView is an alternate interface to the Windows Service Manager. It lists all available services and indicates by icon color which ones are currently running. You can quickly view and edit the properties for each service, using all standard options, as well as a few additional ones.

Safe XP – added 1/2/2004

Safe XP is enables users to improves their system performance and makes their Windows to run faster, more secure and more stable. Features include: disable unnecessary windows services, prevent internet attacks, disable spyware-like activities of windows operating system itself and other applications, remove microsoft windows messenger (msn) application completely, disable of tracking your docs.

WinPatrol – added 3/11/2004

WinPatrol allows you to get a better understanding of what programs are being added to your computer. It monitors important system areas that are commonly altered by many malicious programs. This includes the startup groups (registry and startup folder), cookies and active tasks. You can terminate processes and enable or disable starup programs.

FOFF – added 7/30/2005

FOFF was developed to protect Windows operation system on public computers from starting unregistered executable files. The program registers all present system software. After that no other unregistered program will be executed. You can change an access password of this program by yourself into the system registry.

Unlocker – added 5/2/2005

Want to take control without restarting your computer or killing a process? Unlocker is the solution. It finds and isolates the process which is engaging a specific file and kills it.

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